Friday, June 25, 2010

They are FREE as a bird after 25 years of being caged!!


I am just so excited to share my pastels out of their cage.  Well, actually they were in their little boxes for over 25 years and just waiting to come out.   Now if you have a strong heart please go ahead and look at the photos.  Remember I never claimed to be the neatest pastel artist. 

Here we go!!!

I don't know if they even make Rowney pastels anymore, I will have to check with Dick Blick to see if they do. Notice the wonderful box or case?  You will notice that I love little boxes.  

The inside of the box,  this one seemed pretty organized and they are  waiting to be used.  I love these because they were so soft and after I filled the tooth of the paper of sandpaper they would just go right on top so smoothly.   Now, I know some spray the surface to give more tooth but I just didn't like the way it changes the color.  So Rowney pastels were to my rescue. 

The larger assortment of pastels.  They were in a little box you will see shortly but my collection grew and grew.  Soooo, I made this box out of cardboard and then a big  piece of foam over it and then the lid to the box.  I used two, actually suspenders, to wrap around the box and off I would go to classes.   Just made my heart go pitter patter to open it up and there they were.

The hard pastels in their cute little box.  These were perfect for detail--be it trees or eyes.  They worked perfectly, of course you could go over the top of the softs also for some layered color.   Sharpened them with a razor blade, watch the fingers please, or a rasp worked also.   Once I tried a pencil sharpened, man did that ever eat them up.  I only did that once. 

These cute little boxes all stacked together and originally held the first start of my soft pastels.  Now it holds my "neat" little pieces that I use as I paint and my extra sticks of the colors I used the most.   See the upper right?   Those are treasures also.

Now this little treasure of jumbled up hard pastels is really how I worked.  Guess I just like digging around.  Most of the time I just held the colors I was using in my right hand.  Well, sometimes I would switch to my left hand to change stroke direction.  I didn't ever use both hands at one time to paint, my brain just doesn't work that way.

The pastel pencils,  I almost forgot about those.  They came in a cute and colorful tin box but don't have a clue where it is.  Hopefully packed away in a little cubby somewhere.

There you have it, my stash of pastels.  I just had to share with you and thanks for looking at them.  I know they will preform nicely for me.  

Thanks for coming into my world.  Hugs to ya.


  1. LOve it! I have my old 'tools' stashed away in the next room! Love the music as well! Bets wishes are going back to your roots and doing it for your own soul this time!

  2. awesome..cant wait to see what you do with all those colors...susan

  3. ah glad u finally dug them out and they will perform again in your nimble fingers lol

    hugz bev

  4. Annette, this is like seeing a reflection.... I too have all the goodies, pastels, Prismacolor pencils, watercolor tubes and paper, drawing pencils, inks, watercolor inks and more. Can't wait to see your new drawings! I hope you will share them.

    I love your music selection.


  5. Thanks Marcia, love it that you have the same goodies. We can paint together. Well, if you were a tad closer that is.

  6. Just love that it an anticipating of a new tendence? Can't wait to look what you shall do with!'s great you are planning something completely new!
    Brava! Ciao, Gio

  7. Yes, I think it's time (for you) to go (again)!

    Best wishies for you, dear friend!

  8. A wonderful post! I just looked at the pictures while listening to "I Had a Dream" 'cause I can't do both at one time. Then I turned off the sound and read your copy. Funny how what you wrote was completely different from what my memory said as I scrolled down.

    I have all those types of pastels -- very little used except for the pencils. They are messy. And so am I when I use them. I touch things and they smudge. The drawing on what was to remain white, my coffee mug, my face -- Ha!

    So now when I use pastels, I use digital. And I LOVE digital pastels!!! I get the look without looking like a street urchin. :)

    You are such a dear -- thanks for the pictures. I treasured them over my morning coffee.

  9. Thanks my artsy friends for stopping by. Yes they are messy but a feel good messy LOL. Guess maybe I was a steet urchin in another life. :))
    I get them all over also, good reason to wear old comfy clothes. Funny, like I need an excuse. Sounds good doesn't it?

    Glad you liked the music also Barb, it is just a feel good song isn't it?

    Thanks again for coming to see what is going on in my world.

    Hugs to all

  10. Oh have way more pastels then I. I keep my collection limited. I tend to get overwhelmed over the space studio is small. So, I make due with what I have, change up by purchasing a new collection...then only using them for a while.

    Every once in a while the feel of pastels...and yes the much fun. Can't wait to see what you create! Enjoy.

  11. Awesome stash you have! I was wondering what type of pastel pencil is the ones in the tin that have a swan image on the end? I have seen them before but can't remember the brand name.

    1. Hi Lynn glad you like them some are old old . The pastel pencils are from CarbOthello. I ordered a newer set, you know just gotta do that sometimes. I ordered from Dick Blick and the pencils say Stabllo CarbOthello on them but not swan. So they may have just changed the formula or something a bit. They seem to work well as the others do. Hope this helps my dear. xoxo


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