Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Table

Hello there,

Yesterday the table got painted.  First step to getting back to painting.   Our neighbor of 17 years and now friend of over 30 plus years built this for me for a birthday, we are talking probably close to 30 years ago.  What a wonderful surprise.   I painted it yellow then and held all of my pastels and all my painting goodies.   The poor little thing then was used for a table to hold my light box and photography paperwork and crop cards (film days you know) for over 20 years.  Then for some reason it was ousted to the garage for at least 5  years.  Don't know why it was punished and what it did.   Well, new life for it now and I painted it red and then did some mishy mash stuff on the sides with yellow paint.   It is happy as a lark now, starting to get loaded with my wonderful art books. By the way I have had these since around 1974.   They aren't as old as I am YET!!!

The top will hold the pastels, can't wait for you to see them.  I was once suggested I sell them and get rid of them.  They are like my babies, I know them all by heart.  I use to anyway, now I will get reacquainted with them.  I am going to put a rug on the floor, pastels are messy you know.  Eldon suggested I paint another floor cloth and use that, so of course that means another project.  I will put my thinking cap on that one and see if I can come up with a interesting design.   Can't wait for you to see the little table, with new and improved casters by they way, with the pastels on it.  

Here it is!!!! Getting happier as it gets full.  My wonderful books, oh I am so glad I didn't donate them to the library when we moved.   Whew, they escaped.  I know someone would have enjoyed them.  Now they are safe and sound on my table. 

The mishy mash of paint.  Just had to do a little something different for it.  A new look never hurts anyone feelings.

There you go, what is going on in my world today.   Hope to get the pastels on there today.   Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoy.

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  1. fabulous love the idea, have art table will travel u can follow Eldon all over the house lol
    hugz bev


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