Sunday, June 6, 2010

Photography-"shooting a beautiful scene"

Hi there,  I had to share some of the images I took while we were gone.  We were in central Texas and always a wonderful site with the rolling hills and trees.  Remember we live in the land of no trees and the land is flat as a flitter  You can see horizon to horizon.  This is a good thing ----you can see the storms coming.  

We ran upon fields and fields of pretty yellow flowers.  Not sure what they were, don't think they were a version of Indian Paint flowers, not sure. They were so pretty.  I asked Eldon  "OK, if you see another field of them please pull over".   Well, we were boogie ing( don't think that is a word) down the road and here they were.  Just had a hey day with them.   Didn't go out in them though, didn't want to take the chance of a rattle snake taking in the sun. 

The sun kind of came and went but did take advantage of it anyway.  Sometimes you just don't have the perfect time to photograph.  You just do it.

Here they are, aren't they pretty?    Thought you might like a close up.  Looks like painting material to me. 

The field was just breath taking, though there are lots of little spaces for our slithery friends.

The sun was pretty overhead, not the best position but did give me a shadow to work with.

Here you go, the whole scene.   The best thing to remember "shooting" a scene, move around, take different positions and sometimes just don't worry about the sun.    I am trying to take these on the automatic mode so you can not have to worry that I played with the image in photoshop or anything.  Just a straight shot.  

There you go, thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world.   Have a great day.  

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