Friday, July 20, 2018

2018 Youth Sailing World Championship

Hi y'all, well this post has absolutely nothing to do with CQ, Art of any kind or any other bunny trials I go on one.  Well one precious story but that is at the end of this post. 

We had heard on TV, yes TV ( we admit proudly we watch TV) about the  Youth World Championship Sailing.  We have never ever been around Sail Boats, but do know one lady who is a Sailboat Captain ( if our memory serves us correctly-  Lela).   What a treat for us to see all of this activity.  They bid for the chance for this event and were granted it in 2016. 

There were 382 young sailors up to the age of 18 from all over the world, actually 66 countries to be almost exact.  We did hear the number 420 and 400 several times but didn't know if that number actually entered or what they ment but I didn't want to leave that out just in case it was a magic number.  Remember I don't know one little thing about sail boats.    They had boys and girls fleets.

We wondered if they had their own boats shipped over but heard a lady or someone say that Great Britain furnished the boats and had them shipped over here to Corpus Christi. The kids could of course use their own banners on them.  After the races they did hose off all of the salt water and take care of them as if their own.    There was 110 races over a 5 day span and included 9 different classes for all to be in.   Now that is a herd of boats no matter what you say.   They loved the Corpus area because the wind.   A lot of the places they have these at didn't have the consistent winds  and to me ya gotta have wind to go somewhere. 

We didn't know when we went over to Corpus  that their take off time was by 11 am and coming in time was 6 pm.  We know now, we had made another stop before getting to where the sail boats were.  I did take a few pictures, there is a bit of the Saharan dust in the air so you will be able to tell which photos are mine.  The rest of the birds eye photos are from the TV from the two  television stations in Corpus Christi.   What a treat y'all get to see these besides my puny attempt of photos of the sail boats. Kiii and KRIS.   They did fantastic coverage of this even. 

So here ya go---the flags representing the countries entering the races.  No matter where I stood I couldn't get all of the flags in one pic but this way you might can make your country's flag out.  I see ours. 

when we walked over to where the boats were launching we saw all these things on the beach.  Several areas had a lot of them, I didn't have a clue what they were but hubby knew.  Dolly's that the boats were on and how they got around with them on land.  

Now we did get to see on boat getting ready to join the others to race.  So interesting to us.  

A couple of the TV shots with some of the boats.  Told ya it is a herd of boats.  What an adventure for these young adults.   What tales they will have to tell.  

Birds eye vies of one of the races.  I didn't know why this little group of sailors had the orange sails.  They were pretty. 

We did hear the colored dots ment what place they were in, I do know for sure, I think, the red dots ment 3rd place but not sure which was first or second  blue or red.  My guess would be blue for first  but hey that is a guess from a land lover.  

Here is the police stand they had so they could view all and if any wrong doings going on.  That is a birds eye view for sure .

From where we were at this particular beach we could see the USS Lexington.  Now this ship has some stories.  We have been on it years ago but when cools off less than 100 million degrees we will go back on it before we leave this part of Texas.

There you go, I just thought this was certainly a blog worthy post and so much energy here with all the young people around. they were all so happy and just thoroughly enjoying themselves to the fullest.  

Now for the cute story, just have to tell it.   Our daughter Debra, while going to college and for two summers, was a counselor at Camp Champion.  It is a summer camp around Marble Falls, Texas area.  She said some of the campers would come in there private planes and it was a busy and full place.  Anyway she had a group of girls that wanted to go sailing.  Debra was like me, knew nothing about sail boats.  She told the girls and they didn't care.  So off they went and the girls squealed and giggles like  little girls do  and said they had the time of their life with her on the sail boat.  They would lean  over and yell to anyone who what close to them in the water " move out of the way she doesn't know what she is doing" then they would all laugh.  When they made it back from their sailing adventure, safe and sound,  they wanted to go again and said that was the most fun they had ever had sailing with Debra.   Now when Debra told us we died laughing and was a summer memory for she and the girls.   

There ya go and thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.  


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