Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Starting the 2017 adventure

Hello and Happy New Year and wow is it going to be an awesome year.  I can feel it in my bones.    Now the last few days I wanted to finish up a project that has been in the working part for almost 2 years.  Yes, you read right.  Two years, this is not Annette to have projects looming over me but when see it you will understand.   It takes time to create a heirloom.   

I have been in a Round Robin with a wonderful group of artists.  They are great !!!!!!   I make5 or 6 blocks and send to them and they pick one to embellish. They  each do the same and we have blocks floating around in the mail to each other.  Like little elves or faeries carrying around our treasures.   By the time one year was over I thought ok I think I am going to make my second round of blocks kinda sorta the same theme.  So I am finishing them up.  I did actually take working photos and will post a new post with how I did the book for these treasures .   Sooooooooooo here you go.   My blocks of pretties and who did them.  I hope you enjoy the blocks and the little lace book I just finished.  

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world.  I just feel like great things are going to happen this year for us all. oxox


  1. Annette, I was so very honored to be part of this wonderful group of fairies that helped create your beautiful journal. It was so much fun and seeing how you put it all together makes the 2 year wait worth it. Simply Gorgeous! You've inspired me to get busy and put my blocks together.... might have to wait and see how you assembled the book first. Hugs!

    1. Thanks my dear. I will work on the pics I did and get them on here soon. I am not the best on instructions but maybe can do it and then someone can ask questions and that will make me explain better lol xoxoxoxoxo It was a fun ride of CQ with y'all. xo

  2. Beautiful job on the book Annette, you should be proud, I have blocks sitting to go in a book called Lovely Ladies and there they sit, I guess if I wave my magic wand it won't do itself will it, oh well maybe ..... HUGS AND LOVE, Marilou

  3. How pretty this is!! Happy New Year!

  4. Your book is delightful a wonderful heirloom thanks for showing us .It inspires me to see what other people are doing.Thank You.

  5. Gorgeous ! You do beautiful work!

  6. WOW! Each of you ladies did a phenomenal job on these blocks! The details and beauty of the stitches and embellies, well, just beautiful!!
    Thanks so much for sharing dear Annette! xo

  7. beautiful, so glad you are sharing with us, loving all that lace


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