Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Scant instructions on how I make my books

Now you know I am not a dyed in the wool person.  Shocking  news isn't it?   Making my Crazy Quilt block books is no different with my loosey goosey style.   I am working on my third CQ book right now and fixin to put the mother of all books my Alice in Wonderland book.  I think these books below were my learning curve for the Alice book.  I will try to take good notes and pics of how it goes together.   

Soooooooo here is some notes and pics of 2 1/2 books I have put together.  

 The Crazy Quilt book I did.   I was not sure how to make the spine like I had seen in pics but I came up with a way.   Will share in a minute.   I did get carried away with the front and back of the book.    Now I make the all  lace books and put them together differently.  My sweet friend Pat Winter did a little tut on that and love it and I have taken and not had time to do it yet an on line class from Suzy Quaife.   Both  ladies are such experts in their art and look them up, it will be well worth your time.

                             I tied this book with some pretty ribbon

 I sewed the blocks like little envelopes and sewed on fabric,  better instructions I hope below.    I didn't like the way it looked and it needed to be fancier so lace came out of the bin and said " I want to be in this book"   So there ya go.     I did fold over the fabric of each one to help make a hinge.  I think better instructions below.  


My method of making the smocked looking spine.  I gathered up some soft fabric and on the wrong side just tacked little pieces of it together, bunched up I guess.  I did several areas and turned over to see what I did and taadaa it looked like I wanted.  Now this has been a while ago but I know it takes extra fabric and then I sewed it to the spine by hand I believe .   I just looked soft and pretty and seem to go with this book.   

This is the second book I made.   I had this pretty curtain I bought at an estate sale and the owners had whacked it up to fit a window.  They were surprised I bought them,  hey they don't know crafter artists for sure.   I layed it out and after stacking the blocks together and wrapping the fabric around them to see how much I needed.   Of course I added extra length and width to tuck in edges and just to make sure I wasn't short on the fabric  and thinking RATS.   On the spine I just added little charms and ribbon and lace.   No two books are alike and knowing me they won't be and it is a learning process to me.   The lace and charms and ribbon just added some motion and a little jingle noise.   

I added some tucked soft fabric to the spine to cover where I sewed the blocks onto the cover.  

How the blocks look sewn on.  Now I had the brain storm to use a color, one color to back all the blocks.  I hate it, but just to lazy to change it at this point in time.  Maybe when I get bored I will change it.  Maybe..........


Close up of the block with the mistake of fabric.   If I change it I will show you.  Looking at the pic I am thinking it will be sooner than later to change it.  Oh well live and learn. Now if you don't put tons of pretties on your blocks you might maybe put some thin batting or something between the block and it' s backing.  Mine have plenty on them and it gives the blocks BODY !  Weight also.  

The next  book I am working on, well sort of.  These are some blocks of a round robin I was in last year.  I did the blocks, the theme was big hat ladies, and fellow artist embellished them.   I did that for this year but haven't gotten the blocks back.  I just wanted to put all the blocks together.  Then the big hat ladies can have a good time together.   

I backed the blocks with lace and white fabric and instead of making a little envelope type of the blocks I cut the fabric a little larger that the block.  I then folded it over and sewed on top of it leaving the edge that will be the center open with extra fabric to fold over.   

This block was embellished by Fitzy,   whole names will come when the book is finished and she did so good and girlie.   I sewed the lace/fabric over the edge and you can see I added a darker baste line to make the blocks sort of uniform.   I left the center edge open    I wanted this whole book to be girlie, I am not a girlie girlie person but do love pretty and not blah colors.   The girls know me well that embellished the blocks.   

I made sure the inside edge was longer because it is the hinge so to speak of the page.   I sewed it to the cover fabric .    

I then fold it over and under to cover the basting of the block.  I did add lace to the outside edge of each page also.  This beauty is embellished by Lydia.   I am so lucky to have such talented ladies in my corner.  

This is the first page, embellished by me, myself and I with the fold over and lace on the inside front. On the opposite page I have sewn a lace tag with the creator's name and where they live and when we did this.  

 In the center of the fabric I used to line the cover,  I marked little lines about 1/4 inch apart to sew each page on.  Well in the general area anyway.  As close I follow my own directions lol   Now the first blank page on the left  and last blank page on the right is also covered in lace and this will be sewn on to the cover fabric.   I will also sew close to the pages on the cover center.   Now I will do all of this BEFORE I start adding the lace and trims to the back.   I will also will add some lace trim to the first and last blank pages.    The pages and blocks are a little smaller than the cover fabric and a good excuse for more girlie trim. 

This is what the back side looks like with pages sewn in.    If I were making a journal to do art in or write in there would be stitches with waxed thread.  A Coptic ( I think that is how you call it) style so the book lays flat.   

I mark the center of the whole cover.  When I get my last blocks I will show all assembly of the last of the book.  


My friend gave me some beautiful cream/warm white fabric and it is perfect for this project.  You  can see  one of the tags I am putting in the book just a little info on what in the world is going on with this book.   Now I do have to say this needs pressing all have been in a plastic sack just waiting to be finished.    I have faith, my girls will make it home to their book.   They are probably off having tea or an adult beverage.   Off the subject but when did they start calling wine, beer or some other alcohol and adult beverage?  Ok back to the subject at hand.


I just pinned some pretties on so you can sort of get the picture of where I am going with the cover.  I am using trim from a wedding gown, crochet work and lace and ribbon and just anything I can get my hands on.    

Alright, I hope this gives you some idea of how I put my books together.    I just follow my muse and how to put together.  I love making them.   

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today