Sunday, October 16, 2016

Time for a Redraw of the Give A Way

Hello dear hearts, well it is Fall and have been " work a rella" lately my word for working like Cinderella.  I do make up my words and titles sometimes.   I just wanted to post this now.  Several months ago like March,  I had a give a way and drew a Karen and a Talking Horse Arts as the winners.   I did knot know them or have their address.  Sooooo after several months of begging for the address I am just going to have a redraw.   Congratulations Denise Shortway and Lynn Novay you are winners and thank you for commenting and following the blog.  

Now off to my Bunny trails of visiting with you.  I have been doing Cq of course, what a wonderful way to watch Baseball games of our beloved Texas Rangers and just spending time with hubby with the other ball games.   I do admit though when football is on sometimes I wander into my ART room and play with my paintings.  We won't tell him that is what I do though.   Our secret.

First I better show you the October block of Alice in Wonderland.   Right?

Here she is, my favorite part may be the little white rabbit and a friend sent me the door knob and key.   I had to find a way to add it to this mad house of colors and doings on the block.   I think I have 18 pages of these, 13 I did and then 5 that other artist's did from all over in a Round Robin I did.  I can't wait to show you the finished book .   I am going to use the front outside cover with the wonderful Dodo bird my friend Kathleen Klein made for me and of course I added pretties on it.   I am from Texas you  know and we do like bling.  Or at least this Texas gal does.   

Course you know I am not really really from Texas but did get here as quick as I could.   Like when I was 8 so that counts and I talk like a West Texan and proud of it.   

I do have to share one of the photographs I took forever ago.  These little girls are probably all grown and married.   I did enhance it big time with Photoshop and Painter but still a photograph under there.  I was so lucky to have clients that just let me play and do what I wanted to do and just create.  I did have a nice selection of clothing, hats and just general pretties and we did have this wonderful old fashioned porch built just for photography.  I did have fun with it and used it sooooooooo many ways.      In fact it all looked so real one of my wonderful clients came back to the door of the porch and knocked and knocked on the door.   Actually it was a big black oval I painted and then Danny, the one who built it for me, put the screen door over it.  I did feel bad when she called and told me I wasn't home for her appointment.   She did live out of town and luckily was still in town.  She came back and I did give her a free camera session for the mix up.   So the porch and all looked pretty real.

I did have to add a little fall splash here and here is ours for this year.   I think I change every year.  

                                         A close up of the banner, I did make it this year.  

I am adding a close up of each banner flag aka cardboard and paper.  I just used what I had  

I happened to have a little stick thingie with seeds etc hanging from it so that went well with the A.

 And lo and behold I had the word FALL in sticks and wire.  I would have spelt out Autumn but I only had 4 banners.   Ok it was confession time I guess.

Well dear hearts, this is short but will have the next post, soon, very soon with pics of what I have been doing.   

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world.