Sunday, October 30, 2016

Do you Halloween ?

I know it should say do you celebrate Halloween but to me it is do we do Halloween?   Well we use to do Halloween.   Costumes, tons of Fall/Halloween decorations and the "whole nine yards".  I even dressed up as a Clown when I had my Halloween special, I didn't realize some kiddies were terrified of clowns,  I had to do a lot of talking fast and bribing to get them in a happy mood.  When I had my photography business I would offer a free Halloween package of photographs of the little people in their costumes.  In exchange they were to bring a new and I had to say NEW and not used toy.  Then I would donate them to the Optimist club  and their Toy Drive.  It was always so cute, all the costumes and such imaginations my Mom's would have with the costumes.  When the children would bring in the toys they were so excited to donate the toys to other children.  I would have a giant stack of toys and was a win win for all involved.   The toys, the free photographs and my heart felt so good during that time. 

I suppose I should look up Halloween and it's history but I am lazy today so one year I will do this.  How does that sound?  The weather is wonderful for here in the 80's.  Perfect weather  for the trick or treaters.    I remember in particular one year it was cold and windy and raining but I had my candy by the door to give out just in case any came by to say TRICK OR TREAT and lots of giggles.   A few came to the door and then I heard a tiny voice saying trick or treat.  She might have been 5 ish.  Well I thought this little goblin will be happy and can go home .   I told her, with her Daddy beside her, to open her bag big and I emptied all and I mean all of the candy into her bad.  She just giggled so big.   I loved it.   So then they could go home with a full bag. 

We had lots of fun memories of this Holiday.   So now we turn out our porch light, a  polite way to say no candy here and just be scrooges I guess   This is my only decoration for Halloween.  A witch we bought one time in Branson Mo. She is kind of piggy backing on our Fall wreath.  We did have to do a little surgery on her like gluing her hat on but she did survive it.   


I just finished a little Annette project, yes something for me.   I have this picture of both "Grands" and wanted to put it in my art room  AKA a room that you have to be strong to come into.  It is very full.  No Really !!! It is full.   I could use the basement but nope I couldn't be close to Mr. Graves while we watch the same TV Program.   I am just a few steps away.  I mean he might see something wonderful on the TV and I miss it with my back to mine.  I guess I use my "Mother eyes" and watch while in the Art room.  We do have eyes in the back of our head don't we? 

                                    I created this on canvas and just kept adding things to it.  

 Now I have just finished a giant project of painting.   Lots of time on the ladder as well as not.   To me Mr. Graves did the hardest part of the project.  He took all of the doors off the cabinets and took the drawers out.   Then he put it all back together.   I started in the back garage with my painting project.  We will call it Operation White.  OW.   I prepped all the doors front and back and the drawer fronts.   I used special cabinet paint and some wonder  liquid called flotrol   Oh my maked the paint go on like silk.  The paint was drying on the doors before I finished one coat.   Mr. G said you know it is 109 in here don't you?  Well we moved every thing to the basement.  Great, it was a large clean area and cool with the vented air.  I had it made in the shade.  Welllllllllll, I guess going up and down the stairs played it's toll on my knee. So Mr.G moved everything up top to the dining area.  The new work area for me.   So after a couple of weeks I was back to painting.  I had to stagger my ladder climbing to only a couple of days a week, the knee you know.   I love to paint and now will show you the before and after of them.  I also did the Master Bath white also.  The other bathrooms and utility room sported white cabinets but now we all are in harmony.  I am not finished with what we are doing with the MB but soon that project will be finished.     I did over 353 coats of paint, counting several coats on each surface.  Some got 3 coats and some got 5 coats.  I don't like thick coats and it pays off.  I was proud of it and a painter accidentally came by, wrong address.  We get that a lot out here and he looked at the cabinet fronts on the work area and said who is doing this?  I said I am and he looked again at them and said I can't do this good.  So you don't think I was a happy camper?

We have a  very open concept design in our home, I love it.  I can be part of the world while playing in the kitchen.   In the house before this one we had a giant kitchen and I didn't like that so this one is perfect for us.  

                            Brown cabinets are just not our thing.   I want some life in here. 


 Here you go nice and crisp white we love the cabinets. The paintings of the back splash  have lots of color and personality also.  I think I showed you Ellie a few posts back.  I repainted the turquoise with a black glaze on it and passed the bar stools down to be reused for years to come.  We didn't use them at all.   I did try no plants etc on the top of the cabinets for a while but nope had to have some pretties up there .  So there you go it just sings now and we are quite happy with it.  We had added the pendant lights a couple of years ago and I painted the little caps that go up to the ceiling to match the finish on the chains so it is good to go.   Thinking about new granite but just on hold for now with that idea.  This top doesn't bother us right now. 

Well there you go on what we have been up to lately.   Thank you for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world. 



  1. oh Annette! The white on the cabinets is just Gorgeous!! I am with you- love love love that bright white look- crisp and clean for sure!!
    Now, stay off the steps and ladders for awhile you crazy girl!
    love you,Jackie

    1. Thanks dear Jackie, yes the white and crispness is just wonderful. I can't believe it took us this long to do it. Well ladder climbing probably this week I am going to paint the bathroom wall in the master and then probably off the ladders Maybe hugs and always a treat to hear from you oxoxox

  2. WOW what a change , the whole atmosphere is so different , a place you really want to spend a lot of time in xoxo


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