Saturday, January 3, 2015

Fresh Bunny Trails for 2015

Wow my blog muse has taken a vacation---it looks like it anyway.   She is back now strong and no telling what this year will bring to us all.    I do hope all had a wonderful Merry Christmas and lots of new and good changes for 2015.

Now I know this not probably the most exciting news in the world but we did get some snow, not near as much as they called for and lots of ice.   Here in the Lone Star State we are not blizzard proof and we do get ready for the pretty white stuff and we personally enjoy it.  Well, as long as we are snug in our home with the fireplace going and nice and cozy that is.   Fair weather snow peeps I guess.   

Here is it the 3rd of January and the tree is still up.  That doesn't bother us one bit but where we keep the tubs for all Christmas decorating is in the back garage and it is icy to get back there and no reason to hurry the tub hauling exercise up.   Better just to enjoy the decorating and no broken bones.  Hubby and I are not champion ice skaters,  well we are not ice skaters at all.  We watch when the fur babies go out and the slip and slide for us all.   Now I do have to admit we bundle up and take turns playing outside with our newest fur baby Charlie.   Mr. Energy.  He does love to chase his toys and when he is finished he usually goes and hides the toys.   We still have not figured out the magic command for him to come inside the doggie door but we have a little program that suits us all.  Now Libby? She is now the matriarch and is older and wiser and just doesn't mess with all the hoop la of anything.  She just lays there and watches and thinks----oh me I just can't teach this young dog anything.

I can remember in years and I mean years past I loved to go out in the snow when we lived in Takoma Washington.   We would bundle up like little snowmen and have a blast and then come in and take all of the pile of clothes  and be like little frozen icicles.  Tingly feet and fingers and cold noses that go with snow play.    At least that is where I think we were living at this time in my life. 

We do not make resolutions, nope none at all.  Why? We will just break them  and then think well that was a waste of time.  So the best way to save time in our relaxed retired lifestyle, where time is a plenty, is to not make resolutions.   Done and done.

I have been doing some crazy quilting, well really not quilting but that is what we call it and so it is.   Pat Winter did a call out for a hand, our hand, to be drawn and CQed .  That was fun and in pastel colors.  Now any of you that know me know that pastel is really really not in my vocabulary but I did it.  She is making a wall hanging with 12 hands of friends on it.  It should be beautiful.   Soooooooooo here is my hand I did. 

You see the ugly background but the hand was fun to do.   I did draw off the right hand being as I am left handed.  Of course I had to put a bracelet on, the more bling you know.   We were suppose to leave about 1/4 inch around and then Pat will applique it on the hanging.   Pretty awesome idea I do believe. 
I actually braved the elements to take pics instead of standing in our kitchen or sun room and take them. 
Now I said bunny trails and here is one set that was in the  front, well they were actually all over the front but I didn't want to fall with my good camera.  Oh the foot prints on the right were of human nature. 
Just a few views of some of our little people and doings in the front and back.   A couple of  ice covered little people.  One for each grandchild, I know they don't look like them but they stand for them, our little soldiers guarding the front door.    

Canadian geese that fly over a couple of times a day and all their honking.  It is always so fascinating to watch them fly in formation and the like one of them yells I am tired take my place and then the dance of switching places takes place.   .  


The girl tree of the patio side of the yard with the back garage holding court.  Now I call this the girl tree -she is shorter and the tree on the other side of the patio is the boy tree.  He is taller, a lot taller and both planted at the same time.  Hence boy and girl tree.  

Mr. Nome,  he is our moving Nome.  We have used him to help us move and Grandson has used him also.   Now if you look to the right you will see more Bunny trails coming and bouncing in the back.  This is why Charlie has such a conniption in the dark of the night.  Bunny invasion.  

Even our Faerie village got snow and ice.  We were disappointed no more snow than we got but moisture is moisture. 

More Bunny trails in the back yard.  Oh the whole back yard was full of them, I like to think of them as little bunnies  and not some giant multi legged critter with rabbit feet.  Did get carried away with that thought didn't  I?  Sorry, sometimes my fingers get carried away, certainly not my imagination  
I would like to thank each and every one of you for your visits to my world.   Kind words and just popping in.   I hope all have a great 2015 and we will see what takes place in the creative world  of us all.