Thursday, January 15, 2015

A New Crop and a New CQ

Hello  and I know you are thinking--- A Crop?  What is Annette growing?    It is cold and most of the time freezing and the ground is hard.  Well for years we grew cotton, peanuts, milo and even Cabbage.  Yes Cabbage one day will share pics of that adventure.  It was an adventure for sure.   The peanuts were so pretty to grow the pretty lush leaves, their blooms then turn then upside down and there were the peanuts.  Funny story, one time when our daughter was teaching she wanted me to send a peanut plant so she could show the students how they grew.  Well I pulled up a plant and it was loaded with peanuts and shipped it with dirt around them and all.  Of course in the shipping the leaves wilted to ugly but when she opened the box the janitor said who would ship a package like that to you?   My Mother she answered.   Peanuts in the natural state.  I hope the kids got to see and just check them out, I know some probably thought peanuts grew on a tree. 

Now in the meanderings of Face Book I saw where someone had gotten the bottom part of Romaine Lettuce, the bottom ugly part of it that you cut off and trash.  Well they showed where they put it in water and lo and behold  more grew.  So I thought I am going to try that.   I did and it grew almost instantly.  No kidding,  you can almost see it growing. 

You can see the ugly bottom part, the trash I guess if you will and it has a tiny bit of water in it.   I just guessed at that part, the amount of water to put in it.   Almost the next day there was a tiny little bud popping out, pale yellow in color but I thought wow that stuff is fast.  It was looking pretty pale on the little table, yes Candice THE  little table.   So Miz brainstorm here thought it needs sun .   Well lookie there ------ green appeared.  

I just had to share from the top of it how pretty it looks.   

One more quick look at how healthy it looks, will have to keep you posted on this one little experiment.  Who knows I may sell these at a farmers market,  home grown lettuce from my coffee cups.   Or not.  
Now my CQing is coming along, I have finished my January block for Kathy Shaw's CQJP 2015.   Where we do a block of our choice and just kind of an self imposed if you will project.   Usually I am willy nilly about my subjects just whatever pops in my head,   Those knowing me probably thinks oh no this could be scary.    This year I am organized with the project.   I sewed up 12 blocks 8 inches  in size and used some fabric of the Day of the Dead or Dia De Los Muertos.  Yep 12 of these pretties.   A friend Janet had sent some fabric with the scenes on them and I had some fabric and thought ok a theme.  I am not a theme person by the way.   Then another angel Mary said I have some things you can use.  So this is a collaboration of Janet, Mary and Annette.
a Mexican holiday observed throughout Mexico and around the world in other cultures. The holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died

Here you go, can't you just hear the music being played and the dances laughing and having a good time of their wonderful celebration.   Yes this block is different and is it real CQ?  don't have a clue but it will be mine.   I have another one for February nearly finished.   I just thought the colors were fun and cheerful.   Of course I had to put lots of beads on it, it is a party you know.   

There you go my " Bunny Trails" for the day.  Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.