Sunday, November 23, 2014

Creating with a Ciggie

Well it is getting close to the end of NOVEMBER !!!!  All I have to say is just WOW !  Here in Texas we had an early snow.   That is unusual for us this early in the year.   It was only an inch but still early and I guess Mother Nature just spoils us with the weather.  She compensates us I guess for giving us the wind and sand.   Just thinking that from me to you. Right now as Hubby just said "do you want to go out and look at the country side or just sit in the house and watch it go by?"   The sand is blowing and the wind howling.  BUT  a good thing it is blowing the dead leaves off of the trees.  An early hard freeze tens to have the trees hang on to the dead leaves, hanging on for all they are worth.  Saying no no  I am not ready to drop and leave the tree nude.  

I have been taking another on line class, I love those things.   You can log in and play whenever you want to and they all have little groups if you want to visit about them but still in jammies if you want. When a football game is on and Hubby is watching it and you are in your own little art world creating and messing with art supplies.   Of course I have my TV on.  No girlie movies or music, I do think they would put me to sleep.  

I am taking a class with Roses on My Table about Journal Journeys  taught by Zinnia. it is for a year and only a $35 donation to a great cause.  

Had to share what I am doing right now, chip board and gel medium flying here and there and fingers getting dirty and can't forget bits of paper either.  I guess sometimes if just feels good kinda like when you made mud pies when you were little or just doing some yard work.   On the yard work I think oh do I really want to change clothes and get out there, REALLY?  But when I go outside and start doing the yard work I am so glad that I have done it.   Hubby is right along side me with the yard work but I don't think he thinks about it like I do.  Now I do have to be sure and pick up any pieces of paper that have landed on the floor because our new furbaby Charlie thinks it is something for him to eat. 

One of my Journals I made I used a ciggie from a painting I did of our Princess as a Mermaid.  I thought she might like a journal featuring her as the star.   I know I create the ciggies for my CQ work but why not for other forms of art?  There is no Ciggie police that tells me I can and can't use them for other projects.

Here is the Mermaid journal, it contains just paper for writing notes to self and then some mixed media paper in case the Princess choses do sketch and doodle.   I happened to have some ocean type stencils that were close to a million years old.    You have to keep everything don't you?  Just in case you need them.   I have been guilty of throwing something away and then saying rats and double rats I could have used that.  

Now this little journal is so not me with the soft colors but thought I would try to see if I could.   Now the beads were part of a necklace that was like a whole $1, I think I have gotten my $1 worth out of it.  I haven't done anything with the other side of the window yet.  It will come to me I can almost bet on that.   Now this journal when I started was the stucco color and the window was turquoise and I was going to make it the wonderful Mexico influence.  I made the mistake and went to bed, gotta sleep sometime and when I woke up the Mexico influence left, gone, vanished.  So I had to rethink where I was going with this one.  

My watercolor Journal.  I thought I would use one of my digital watercolors for the front.  I so enjoyed doing those little flowers.  The spine, OK are you going to get to stay little flower and leaves?   I fear they will be trashed and something else will replace them. After doing watercolors in the book they may not play well with the book.  Only time will tell.

The first Journal I did, nope didn't start out this way I can guarantee that.  I think 10 layers of colors and combinations are on there.  Then before I went to bed that night I thought TEAL/TURQUOISE might be the answer so the next morning drip and drop here came the paint.  
 You know as I am writing this I am thinking I guess sleep and a fresh start might be a good thing with art.  We just get to close to the art piece whatever it may be.  We need to stand back and take a breather and have a fresh look at it.  We are our own worst critiques you know. 
There you go what I am working on at the moment and right now doing a painting  that is a secret right now.  Then back to some Tracy Verdugo style paintings.  I am so loving being able to do art everyday.  It may be for only an hour or two or the whole day.   I am so blessed with having that ability.  
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.