Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Art in Many Forms

You know Art does come in many forms doesn't it?   In flower arranging, cooking, sewing, painting just about anyway you can think it is art. Just taking walks and seeing what Mother Nature has created, that is art and some don't take the time to "smell the roses" so to speak.    So we are all artists in some shape or form.  We may not think so but we are.   I know each and everyone of you have a talent and it may be hidden deep into our sub conscious but it is there.  I could go on about this but don't want to lecture just gently say you can do it!!!!!!   I don't have a clue where this paragraph came from, I guess my Muse just wanted to touch base with all of  y'alls.  Sounds good doesn't it?

Now this post as Grandson told me that sometimes I go on little bunny trails with my subjects and wander around.  I loved that and true so here goes and come join me on my trip down some Bunny trails.

As you might or might not remember for the past 6 weeks I have been taking an online class, the best way to do a class.  You don't have to put on make up if you don't want to, you can dilly dally and not be put in the corner for that d and d or dress to the nines if you want.   Tracy Verdugo teaches from her heart and that is great for us all.  If you get a chance to take a class she is offering again in February.   Here is a little dabble of what I have done, I still have not finished all the lessons but she is leaving the videos on for a year so guess who is doing it again and again?  Yep yours truly. 

Fun fun class and really stretched me in every way.   I did color out of the lines on this one and did some art that was not me, but I can do it !!
Now in the evenings we open up the front shutters to tell the world good night and get to see our sunsets we have.  Most days they are beautiful and so colorful, my kind of sunset.   Now if we don't have any clouds it is not so show offish.  Not sure if that is a word or not but we will pretend it is. 
Now there is no way in the world could I describe these or make up the colors with the purples, reds and oranges.   God's paint brush just flows and sometimes I think wonder what media does he use?   Silly me.  
Now it is November and time for the plants that decorate the patio to come in and show us how pretty they are and to drop every one of their leaves and blooms and then start all over again.  You would think they would say thank you and hang on to all that pretty but NOOOOOOOO they have to shed it all.  It looks like we are a King and Queen when we go out there with all the flowers at our feet.  Now I can't complain it is only about 10 plants and while in Seminole with my photography business I bet we had 100 plants but we did decorate our yard and make it lush and not look like West Texas.  I loved it when a client first came to the yard and that is exactly what they said. We loved that and was well worth the work of saving the plants.  We usually waited til late at night when the wind was howling and it was colder that a bear to bring them all into a little green house we had. 
I don't know if we are getting smarter or just think to watch the weather and we put them in now before it freezes and we run out and cover everything with sheets til we can get them into safety.  

This is the view we have from the dining area.  We call it the baby window because we can see the furbabies while sleeping so comfy and they can't see us.  You know when you go to the hospital and see the newborns?  Well we see our fur babies.   

Another view past the baby window, now the ficus tree in the corner?  Well I bought it when a $1 to us was money.   It was about 5 inches tall and this baby has grown and is we figure over 41 years old.  Yes your eyes didn't play tricks on you 41 years and has been moved and shook around but just hangs in there.  Not sure what comes next it is 12 tall now and wants to grow more.  We keep trimming it and I read where they can get 30 feet.  Sorry little tree you are not going to get to grow that tall, just live with it and no attitude please.

Oh the two little beds there are Libby and Charlie's beds and the chase is what we call the Throne, they both get up there and share it and give us the stare when they are not inside the house.  Fancy dog house don't you think?

One more view, not a giant room but giant enough and Libby is at the door thinking why in the world is my human taking pictures of my back side?  Doesn't she know I am fluffy this time of year?  
The last two pouches I have made, delivered them today to two special people and I think they loved them.  
Well that is enough of wandering on my bunny trails and thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.