Monday, September 8, 2014

Beading and Sewing

Beading and sewing, well it goes together but here it is---- the small and then  the large projects.   Funny isn't it how your projects GROW into something sometimes bigger than you are . Then you dive into the project and think did I bite off more than I can chew?   I have never ever said that to a cookie or desert or even making the cookie or desert.   Somehow they just seem to go with the flow of life, the cookies or deserts that is.  The hips also but we won't say that very loud. 
Now Annette,what in the Sam Hill are you talking about or what  might are you thinking?   Well have a seat I am fixin to tell ya.  
As you might remember I am doing a Round Robin with several ladies and for the month of August I receive Nicki Lee's beautiful blocks.   I was going to choose a baby that was encased in blue fabric and so pretty.  Then I saw the yellow block.   I love yellow if you haven't noticed and a lot of people just don't like the cheerful and happy color.
I chose of course the yellow block.  The sweet little girl just looked like she needed a hug.  So I gave her a hug in beads.   I tried to make a garden scene that a little girl like this might love to wander around and just see the pretties and little things that goes on in a secret garden.
Here is the sweetie all dressed up  the little spidie and all.   It was fun making the spider aka spidie and the little bee.   I had to give her a bow in her hair and then embellish her little dress also.  I never know when the blocks or pieces are finished,  I don't know if I let the piece tell me of if it weighs 100 pounds with beads and trims.    Kind of a toss up there.   Anyway this little girl is finished and Nicki Lee loves it so we are good to go.

Now I don't consider the beading and playing with pretties sewing.  Just good therapy I guess. Watching the TUBE at night.  Anyway to me that is how it is.   I didn't know I was going to be addicted to CQ but I think I am.   I sometime rip out stitches  and replace with something else.  Here is the same block, don't compare the color computer color plays tricks on you. Compare the two the upper one is the one who got to stay like it is.  The bottom one is the before  the rip out trick. 
Now this next project, oh my goodness grew and grew and was not where I was going the day I was looking at fabric on line.  I found a little piece  of fabric and it was blue/turquoise and I called about it. The lady who helped me said it was outside fabric and might not hold up as well as upholstery fabric.  We talked, if you can imagine, a bit and she said let me pull up some fabric you might like.   Well I loved it, I ordered two yards of the fabric.   I thought two yards is big enough so I can see what it really really looks like. 
I thought I can do this make slip covers for the two big ugly chairs, yes we picked them out but I think were having a beige and blah moment when we did.  Or inhabited by the Pod people or something like that.   I can do this !!!!!!! I had a book I had purchased years ago and read it and thought yep I can do it.   I mean I use to make wedding dresses and everything between so a chair slip cover?   A piece of cake.  Don't laugh it could happen. 
So I pranced down to the fabric hangout and bought 12 yards of muslin to make a big pattern.  After making the pattern I ordered 19 yards of fabric.    Did I want  all of the fabric in one piece the online store asked.  Yes sir eeee bob I did.  I know color lots don't always match. So glad I did the two yards I ordered were a lot lighter that the 19 yards.  Whew, dodged the bullet on that one.   

An impressive and big and what the heck am I doing this project for arm piece.  

I was a good trouper and continued on, even marking little pleats and all.   Now I hit the jackpot I do believe because Hobby Lobby had the right color of Turquoise to match the fabric of bias tape.  I needed to cover all the million yards of cording you know.   Now remember this is suppose to be just a cover.  Remember that.  I did run out of the bias tape and Hobby Lobby had it on back order.  You know the drill.  Anyway there was a fabric store here I haven't been inside of since they moved to their new location 30 years ago. I was busy with my own business during this time. The only thing I sewed is Halloween costumes for Grandchildren and a few things for my clients to be photographed in.  That is it !!!!!  Any way I went in  to the store and asked if they had bias tape.   "M'am" (gurrr) we make our own and don't buy that kind.  Ok thank you very much and thought now what?
Well hubby said, good ole hubby, why don't you go online and order it from H. L. ? I did and was here in my hot little hands in two weeks or two days.  It was two days. 

The back of the chair, just had to show you that the fabric is brightening it up already
After wrestling with the cover, I won by the way, it is a slip cover here.   I only ripped it off twice before I was happy with it and remade it totally once.  The blue fabric I think needs to have interfacing or something on it but will rest a bit.   The six inch seat cushions are high density foam and when we bought it  Hubby and I wrestled it to fold so we could get it in the zippered seat cover.   Let me tell you that was a feat in it's self.  So glad no one but us could see us and we got tickled once while the foam was winning.
Well I didn't care for the slip cover look so I got the handy dandy staple gun and that sucker isn't going anywhere.  Only 10000000000000 staples later the "cover" is taught and looks so much better.
This is one set of two that I did.  The ottomans top inside layer is always lop sided but thought it did well for a lop sided ottoman.  Staples are my best friend, well besides duck tape and safety pins and several other things we use to repair anything.  
The next dilemma is what to do about the side panels we have at the French doors.   They go with the carpet but not with the chairs.  I am hoping an idea will just pop in my heads
There you go, whew I think I am tired of zig zagging all  the bare edges.  I know they have surgers for this but my machine is new, only bought it in the late 60's or early 70's.  Still has lots of life in it.  
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world.   Have a new member of the family but will share that next time.