Friday, March 15, 2013

A Sweet Surprise x 2

Now when you get mail and it is usually bills when something else is in the mail box you get so excited.   Just like Christmas, there is a package and today I got TWO, yes TWO packages.    

I got two packages of love in the mail.  I will do a post on each one separately.  They both deserve a post all of their own.   I cannot wait to share with you all and the kindness still left in the world and that I am so blessed to be the recipient of both gifts.   

I have a dear friend, for many many years.  We have both gone thru a new career change after doing photography for a semi million years each.   Ginger's granddaughter sent me a package with a hand written note and oh what talent this tiny little girl has.   I have shown you the bottle and pillow she made for me last year  and this gift is certainly displaying color and creativity talent.  

I make wedding  sign in books for her GIGI's wedding venue Lytle Cove Cottage.  A beautiful Victorian home to hold weddings and what a reception hall they have also.

Braleigh writes that she made me a flower book.  I want to share all the talent and love put into this colorful and hand created book.    Can't you see this sweet girl, I am thinking 10 now, cutting and gluing and creating this book?  I love watching young children working on a project with all their attention drawn to it.     I do have some art work of a "new" cousin sent me and I bet she won't mind me sharing it also.  Hummmmmm Hope will you mind? 

The back of the book and Braleigh wrote   " on the back of the book is a bunch of flowers.  On the back of the paper plate ( the lower part of the book) is an A for my name, and next to the A is a flower with a stem, roots, ground, leaf, rain drops and sun".   Now isn't that the cutest imagination ever? 
Below is part of the flowers she used on each page and she said osme are plastic and some are metal.    This will be indeed the sweetest journal I will have. 

Each and every page has a seperate and different flower on it.   She knows I love flowers also.    Braleigh then adds I hope you like with a heart smilie face. 
I just had to share this with you.   What a treat in the mail today.  
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.