Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mary Green's February

I am not a contest entering person.  Well I did enter one time, one click for the HG TV Home giveaway.  My feelings are if I was meant to win the house one entry is all I need.  Mary Green on her site has a monthly contest and you create a page with the images she gives you to play with.  You enter and fingers crossed you win.

Now remember I entered on Artfully Musing and actually won one of Laura's beautiful ATC Cards.  She also has giveaways one a monty.  It is hanging where I can admire it when I look up from the computer.  Did you know we are suppose to look away from the computer after twenty minutes of use ?  I bet not a one of us reading this right now do that.  I don't. 

I have been thinking maybe I need to have a giveaway.  What do you think and what should I give away?   Something to think about isn't it?

Alright art readers  here is the sheet we were given and then what I did with the images.   You are suppose to use the pieces all or some of each. 

I kind of sort of modernized her a little  but had fun adding the lace and paper lace and button.    The text is on the background and then added some music and some paint to blend it all.  I couldn't see her hair well so why not add her some hair ? 

There you go this is what was going on in my world today.  Mary, found on my side bar had sent a note that the contest entries are due by midnight tomorrow so  I thought get on the ball Annette.   Just a fun no pressure art page to do.   xoxoxo


  1. Love your girl Annette--fingers crossed for you!

  2. What a make over, she certainly got your signature style now. I can just imagine how your brain spilled over with inspiration when you saw the 'model' Great job Annette. Regarding the 'giveaway' I think it i a glorious idea ...specially if I could be the sure winner :-)) Big hug xoxo


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