Monday, February 13, 2012

Lace and Paper

You know my word for the year is EXPLORE.  Now that as you know can mean many things but right now it is exploring in the art world.  Right now it is kind of like seeking it all and having fun doing it.  

Now bookbinding is certainly a trip I do believe.  I did not realize there were so many forms of it and so many ideas about them.   I did a little mini book in Zinnia's Artful Gathering last year and will hunt the photos of it, and I have just made some squash books.  No not the little yellow vegetable you eat, fun though that is what I thought when I first saw the word.   Those are both little treasures, pics a coming.   I file them on the computer and it is almost as bad a a shoebox we use to use to store pictures.  They are on the computer and it is truly a hide and seek game looking for them.  Oh but I won't tell you about that.

This one is a sewn book with signatures, not the kind you write but sew in.  I didn't have any chipboard for the front and back so I just cut up the watercolor backing of that pad. There are no backs anymore on any paper pads in our house.  They are now recycled pretties and they weren't even finished with the job they were doing.  I guess they were jumping ahead of their time weren't they? 

The only bad thing about this journal it is one  I am working out of now and I am afraid I will mess the front and back up so it now proudly wears a little coat of plastic to protect it.   I do hope it isn't the same as the plastic covered furniture people use to do when they didn't want anyone to mess their living room furniture up.  

Here is the front of my first type of journal like this.   Just kind of glued and played to my little hearts content. 

This is the spine of the journal with ribbon and some pearls and crystals.  I do have to admit they are not real though, the pearls and crystals.  This was certainly a learning experience and I though hey I can do this and was fun.   That is the most important thing  I think. 

Well that is my exploring today.  Thanks for  stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.  xox


  1. Love it, looks like a real antique!!

  2. Nice job Annette, that is so funny I used the exact same graphic on a journal for my Blogaversary Giveaway last year. It caught my eye too. Hugs Marilou

  3. Annette, this is romantic and beautiful. A real eye catcher on any table. Love how you invent the most incredible stuff. Did you ever think of selling your creations to some shop? xoxo

  4. Wow I love this journal, so beautifully made and very romantic. You are so talented and clever. Im looking forward to learning the book binding techniques on Lifebook. x C

  5. Thank yall so much this was fun and I did think about selling them on maybe Etsy. Just have to figure that part out. A business man I am not but like to play and create. Thanks again for the confidence in me. xo

  6. Beautiful journal Annette! I find making these books fascinating also ; ) I want to thank you for the LOVELY surprise I received in snail mail the other day. A very nice ARK (Act of Random Kindness) on your part! God bless and I hope you've returned from your trip safely. Many Hugs!!


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