Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Wind Does Blow

The wind does blow here.  A healthy blow it is and even to the point that one of the decorations on the walls of the freeway  is a beautiful statue thingie of the Blowing Wind.   I forget what he is called but you know the man blowing the wind.  Some people objected because it might be Pagan.  In fact they had to put a new statue up and higher up on the wall someone destroyed the last one.  Pagan?  I don't think so.  Give me a break it is Mr. Wind.  Now we are talking 20-60 miles per hour here, not a gentle breeze.  Some days more and very very few days less plus 100 degrees of nice warmth.  But that is West Texas and we have great people here so we just have grown to take it and go on about our business.

I know you are asking what kind of flowers grow here?  I did forget to add that our water, we have a well, is a tad salty here also.   If the wonderful cool and most needed H2O hits the leaves you might as well say grace over whatever it hits.   BUT-- Eldon has devised a watering system for our patio plants where they get plenty of water and none of it hits the leaves or blooms and the plants and the water go hand in hand.   The plants bloom their little hearts out.  

Here are some of the tough guy.  Forgive me but there are several of them here. 

The Geranium always a good heat soldier.  Tough guys but no water on the leaves please.

Our little oasis here, the Bougainvillea love the heat and we keep these in the fur babies tropical hideaway in the winter.   In the background you can see some new Desert Willows we planted, but that is another story.

Close up of the Bougainvilleas, they come in all colors to white and peachy orange and purple. 

Another view of the tough warriors.

Crepe Myrtles, oh what beautiful plants. From bushes to tall  guys.  Now they also come in several colors and we planted a giant one in the backyard this year.  Had to get one tall enough so the water won't hit the leaves.  I tell you it will kill them dead.

The Gerber Daisey.  Such happy little things and wonderful bright colors they come it.  I love them but they do die out in the winter.  A good little Annual for us here.

Roses love the heat here but not the water on the leaves.  This is a climber where it doesn't get hit by the sprinklers so it just laughs at them, the sprinklers, and says ha ha I am safe from you. 

The day lilies, we have several colors of them and such cheerful and blooming plants. They named them perfectly thought.  The flower only lasts for one day, but they do bloom well.

There are some of our beautiful flowers that we have that can with stand the sun here.  Now I use to have beautiful plants like fox gloves and bleeding hearts but that was at a shadier home.  What you say?  Nothing for the humming birds?  Yes we do but that is another post.  I don't want to wear your eyes out.  We had a shade garden but even the 3 hours of sun it got was to much for the delicate plants.  We will try again next year and see what happens.

Thanks so much for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.


  1. We've heard so much about the drought down there that I'm amazed to see such a lovely garden. And I think I need to get more info on the geranium leaves--I just water away thinking that the leaves need water too! Hmmmmm!

  2. Thanks Jane, left lyou a little note about geraniums. Hugs

  3. Hi Annette, I'm here and now following! Hugs Marilou PS Love the flowers!

  4. This is a Great pictures.


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