Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Three Lighting Effects

Hello, been out of pocket for a while but I am back.  Funny saying isn't it ? Out of Pocket.   Not sure where that saying comes from, we have so many sayings now days.  Some of them do mean differently today than they did years ago.  OK, enough of reminiscing.

I took an online class, ---it is a wonderful way to take classes I do believe.  You can sit in your jammies and be on the computer anytime of the day or night and be in class and not be tardy or have to walk a long way or sit by someone that you don't care to sit by.   I am loving all of these classes that I am taking nowdays.  They give you new wrinkles in your brain and keeps it functioning well I do think. 

OK, back to the class.  It was with Karen Bonaker and a digi painting class about lighting.   The effects it has on a subject. So I took a photograph of the same subject at three different times of the day.  Very interesting and was fun doing these little sketches of it.  the softness of the lighing, the harhness of day lighting and the coolness of the evening.  Well the colors weren't to cool at the evening painting but it sure was while taking the photo. 

This painting is in the early morning.  Yes early morning.  It is not my nature to get up early but for Karen and a class assignment I did it.   I really like the lighting on this and how soft the colors were.

Can you tell when this one was taken ?  Pretty much in the heat and I mean heat of the day.  Like in the 100's, sort of toasty warm.  The warmth of the colors were really pretty here and the shawdows of course were stronger and more pronounced in the bright daylight .


This was a night- who would have thought it ?   I lit it with just the outside light on the patio.  Certainly did change it totally the colors and the mood and just the whole nine yards of the painting.    I thought it was an interesting assignment.   I did do a painting of a village in Italy our daughter took while she was there and turned it into night and added a little creature that isn't alive any more, I think.   Whew, that was a excitement there about the next painting.   Enjoy.

OK, my imagination did go a little wild here but it could have looked like this years ago.  

There you go, just wanted to share these with you and thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world. 


  1. Beautiful work Annette. It takes a serious painter to do a study like this. You had a wonderful teacher:-) I loved the last one. It reminded me of an El Greco painting. I sure hope you get rain and cool temps asap! Hugs, Kathy

  2. Looks like I missed that class! Love Karen B. The paintings are wonderful. Hugs!


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