Thursday, March 24, 2011

My sweet little Owl

I belong to the Journal Journey group on Roses on my Table.  My friend Bev encouraged me to do this and it is fun and I love it.  No pressure just play and mess and gob all  you want. 
This time the prompt is Owls.   Now still being new at this fun art technique I have watched several videos and didn't realize this is a going thing.  The art journaling and mixed media art work.  Remember I have been in a sheltered world for the last 24 years and just now immerging  like a butterfly I suppose out of it's little comfy home.   Well, I am certainly not a butterfly but you get the picture.

I discovered the magazines from Somerset Studio magazines, oh if you haven't discovered them and want to play with the mixed media or any of their many subjects RUN to the book store.  These magazines are a treasure to behold.   Several years ago, I mean several, a sweet friend--Lynn, gave me one of the magazines.  I was so busy with photography then I just glanced at it, thought it was pretty and then put it up and thought one day I will have time to look at it.  Well I did and oh what a treat it was, so wondered if they still printed it.  That was the discovery of the century to me.  Now nothing like Christopher Columbus did but in my mind it was.

I was looking at one I purchased and there were the cutest owls in it.  So I looked and read the article and thought I might use it one day.  Well lo and behold our journal prompt for this time is Owls.   The artist is Juliette Crane and she gave wonderful  directions on how to paint these little guys.   So this is what I did for my prompt.  

There are lots of layers on text, paint of all kinds on here  including acrylic, oil pastels, water soluable wax pastels and the wonderful words I added   Someday I will fly.  
I drew the little owl and painted her and she was the last thing I applied to my journaling pages.   I hope you enjoy it.  Oh be sure and click on the picture and you can see it larger.   Have fun if you try it. 

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world.


  1. Love this cute little journal Annette, pretty colors. Always love to see what you have going on here. I love you new background wallpaper too! Love, Colleen

  2. Very sweet little owls, Annette. I find I have more fun doing the art, but never get around to actually writing in them. Probably because I don't want my feelings out there. Take care. Jane

  3. oh, i love your owl! it's been so wonderful to see how everyone takes the initial template of simple shapes and creates their own, unique little character! i posted a few other owls people created in my workshops:

    would you mind if i included yours in an upcoming post?

    thank you for making me smile :)

  4. wonderful u are indeed blossoming and can see u are loving it lol

    hugz bev

  5. thanks gals for your wonderful comments. I do love it, just playing with the art media of the day and exploring. Thanks Bev and thanks Juliette for sharing your owl with us.

  6. Soooo lovely and cute Annette.
    Hugs Enny.

  7. This is such a little darling owl , wonderful fantasy..and the words are just spot on. Great job.


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