Monday, March 28, 2011

The Kite

This young man was about 5 years old when this photograph was taken.  We were at the beach on a little vacation and he wanted me to take his pictures.  I have taken his photographs his whole life and now he is 22 and still he will pose for me and just smiles and thinks "Nana " !  Every once in a while he was growing up he would say "no more pictures".  Even for his 21 pictures,  we photographed when he graduated from college, he as so patient. 

I loved it because he had his little hat on, way to big being as it was an adult size but he didn't care  and neither did I.   It was grandson and the grandchildren can do now wrong in any grandparents eyes.  His colorful swim trunks were just him.   I remember when we bought the kite, oh he was proud of it and came strutting out of the store with it in hand.  I do wish I had it today, I am sure it got thrown away during the past years, to put on the wall with this painting.  I wouldn't care if it had an elephant on it at all. 

I have made limited editions of it and it was featured on a calendar that Karen Bonaker makes every year and I used it as my favorite painting when she honored me as one of the featured artists on her forum.  I got to share with all how warm this painting makes me feel.   It is done digitally with pastels as the media, stroke by stroke it was painted and remembering all the little things we use to do together.

So here it is  and please enjoy it and the little story that goes with it.

This is just a close up of part of the photograph of how the sand and how all of the sea weed had washed up on the shore.  Didn't smell to good either and of course being on the beach the wind was blowing quite well.

There you go, that is what is going on in Annette's world at the moment.  Thanks for coming by and looking forward to see you again.


  1. Annette this is such a lovely painting, that little guy "strutting" with pride, I think every mother ( or grandmother) has her own inner picture of a son or grandson in a somewhat similar situation, it just touches your soft mother heart!! Love it. Hugs

  2. Thanks Jane, glad you like it . Hugs Annette

  3. love this its gorgeous the colours are magical

    hugz bev

  4. Lovley happy painting Annette.
    Cheers Enny,

  5. lovely painting
    the colors are just great :)

  6. Thanks Bev, Enny and Lujayn yall are great for posting, you know we love the comments and that you took the time to explore here. This is just fun and I love it. Hugs to ya

  7. So sweet! It so reminds me of when my son was a little boy and the times we had at the beach on vacation. So lovely. And thanks so much for posting a comment on my lonely little blog. Jane


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