Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mica and Ink

You know I have  been scrapbooking for years, I really don't remember how long now.   I do have 22 or so albums done, many are to large and one day I will trim them down and put less pages in them.   One day I will do this.  I use to be a member of Club Scrap...It is a club, once a month you would receive the most beautiful papers and new "toys" on the market.  I loved it, I had the date circled on the calendar and always was like Christmas when I would get the package.  I had thought about making a perfect place by the mail box so the mail man knew what he was delivering to me.     I finally had to quit the club because I wasn't using any of the precious beautiful papers,  I just couldn't do it.   Well, the other day I did finally use something out of them, this was silly not to use it, was I going to take it with me  when I died ?  I do have a friend who always says whoever has the most when they die wins, maybe I am waiting for that?  So what  wonderful element did I use you say ?   Mica and a stamp.   Now I am not a stamper and usually give them away but this one just really caught my eye.   Mica is, you know I am not sure what it is, a thing pretty translucent type material.  You can stamp on it, write on it or even paint it I suppose.  

I am working on a scrapbook for wonderful grandson.  He got to go to Europe and study international business for the month of June.  He is not a professional photographer and I don't know if he has really take many photographs.  We bought him a very nice camera and off he went.  His photographs were great and the longer he was over there the better they got.    He went to Nice for a day or so and when I got to the water photographs I thought why not  use the Mica that I have.   Of course I had to find it first, remember it has been several years since I have even seen it and we had two moves thrown in there also. 

A little digging and I did find the Mica.  It was patiently waiting for me in it's little package.  I separated it into a few layers and then found the stamp that really caught my eye.   I then used embossing ink on the stamp, stamped the Mica and then sprinkled the embossing powder on it.  You then use a heat gun,  trust me it really heats up and it makes the embossing look great on whatever you use it on.  I used a copper in color.  Well, this led to stamping the paper I was going to use with it.  Just can't stop with one little play toy you know. 

The whole finished page.  The images were just to pretty to put a lot on the page.  I did the whole album in black pages to bring some continuity to the albums.  Yes, I said albums it did take two to capture the trip. 

The Mica is the pretty shiny element with the embossing on it.  It just really adds  just the perfect touch to this page.    I did ink the edges of the torn paper also.  A little extra touch.

There you go, what is going on in my world.  Just trying to get back into the swing of doing my thing.  Whatever that is.   Thanks for stopping by.


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