Friday, October 22, 2010

A force of nature visits us again !!!!

You know sometimes Mother Nature visits you and you think what is going on here ?  Is God trying to tell us something ?  Last night our home was hit by lightning again !!! No, not the same house but this is the second time we have been shown how strong Mother Nature is.    It all began by a simple thunderstorm and then turn into a giant hail storm with lots of lightning.  Eldon stepped out on the front porch to check things out and wham, it hit.  He came in and said his face was really tingling and mine was also but I bet his really was being outside with it.   Shook the whole house, knocked pictures off of the wall and then the fun began.  Like I said, this is the second time we have been struck by lightning and so knew what to look for.

The smell was awful- strong sulfur.  Now I try my best to live a good life, be kind to others and follow the golden rules as much as I can.  I thought, if this is how hell smells I certainly want to continue to be a good girl.  It was so strong, Eldon opened one of the wardrobes to check that TV and  the odor was really strong in there.   Some of the electric plugs had the little reset buttons and they were all popped out, the air conditioner/heater blowers were fried, the phones, the Internet and the cable were all toast. One television was toasted and one some of the ports ( whatever they are are toasted) . One light fixture was just blown apart.  Now the washer motor has been added to the list, so got to get a new washer also.   After calling all the repairmen most things are repaired now and I am so glad to get this behind us.  From past experience we will find little surprises for several months, things not working right and oh oh, what happened to this and that ?  We are very fortunate though not to have a fire and we had just unplugged the computer and external hard drive.  I mean just unplugged it.

We are very blessed that nothing worse happened, but it does remind us that something can happen so fast and catch you off guard.  If this all had happened in the summer with the heat we would have gone to the basement, there were just right conditions for a tornado.  The poor furbabies were certainly scared and we did let them in and be house dogs for a while.  They needed loving and to be reassured that all was ok.  I know some farmers probably lost some crops and I do feel for them but there are a lot that it didn't effect and we are thankful for that

I did want to share a beauty of Mother Nature though, she is not all bad but just has to clear her throat every once in a while to remind us that God is in control   Anyway, that is how I look at it. 

Well, thanks for dropping in and seeing what is going on in my world today.

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