Monday, January 11, 2010

Libby the rescue dog

                                                                 Hello to Libby. 

This is the sweetie that we rescued from the pound in November 2009.   After going to Pet'smart  many many times, they have dogs for adoption there every weekend, and going to a home of Pit Bulls called the Haven we had almost given up finding Jewel a friend.  Charlie dog, her friend of many years died this summer and we thought she needs a friend.   Someone told us that Lubbock does have a pound.  We couldn't believe they didn't have one.  So about the 5th or so of November we finally found it and there she was.  Probably the  most dirty dog you have ever seen.  Those beautiful eyes just looking at us, tail wagged ever so slightly.  We got to take her out of her cage and she was so happy and laid on her back to pet her tummy.  We were wanting an older dog and she just fit the ticket.  Doing the paper work and everything for her to come home with us was pretty uneventful.   We did get a big discount being as she and us were older.  

We had to take her to the vet and have her spayed AGAIN!!!!! they said they couldn't tell if she was or not.  Poor thing to go thru that twice.  Seems like it is a law when you adopt them.  So we did what we had to do.   After the two weeks for everything to heal we took her to the groomer and out came the most beautiful dog.  So well behaved and happy to be with us. As we were happy to have her as well as Jewel.  They get along so beautifully.   Libby does know that Jewel is the boss.   So had to get everyone in their pecking order.  Lots of playing  and Jewel cannot keep up with Libby on the running.  Runs so fast the fur just flys in the wind.  We have an acre so there is plenty of room to do this and Jewel sits and watches and sometimes runs as much as those little legs lets her.

I know someone has lost a wonderful dog but we will take good care of her and she has a home

I heard on TV yesterday that if we lived or behaved like the dogs it would be so good.  One thing I remember is always greet  others happy and like you mean it and that you are glad to see them .  

We had not had a dog for 25 years but when Charlie and Jewel came to live with us it was such a good thing---for them and for us.  Now Libby is with us.  Can't get any better than that.   Well, I do wish we knew what she knows, she is very well behaved and has been taught things.  If we only knew what.  

A friend suggested we name her Libby because we liberated her from the pound.  Sounded good to us.   

Thanks for stopping by and see you on another post.

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  1. oh shes beautiful Annette and i know Miz Jewel loves her so its just a delight to know she has a friend again ........


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