Monday, January 11, 2010

Mom, you haven't posted a thing about Christmas!!!!!!!

Hello and hope all will have a great 2010.  Seems to come around quicker and quicker every year.  You know I use to hear that the more fun you are having the quicker time seems to fly by or time flies the older you get.   I am not sure which one is true, how about both of them?   Sounds good to me.  

Our daughter Vickie says I haven't blogged about Christmas or the snow or even my cooking.  So Vickie Denese this is for you.  

Snow, oh my did we ever get it a blizzard for sure, especially for this part of the country.  It snowed and then the wind blew this a like old father north can.  You have seen the pictures of the clouds looking like an older gentleman blowing the winds?  Well this was it, even nearly a month ago and we still have snow on the south side of the yard knee deep.  Course the dogs still romp in it.   We didn't make snow ice cream though.  That is just the best and the memories that go with it.  My thinking was after the snow the wind blew the snow  in drifts but the drifts came from the back yard and that is where the dogs are and do their business.  Hence that is why we didn't make snow ice cream.  I have always heard don't make snow ice cream with yellow snow.

.                                      Scenes from the yard

The weather was so bad here but our wonderful grandson came and we had him to ourselves on Christmas day.  He commented that is was a mini Christmas dinner.  I only made enough for three, didn't see any reason on making enough for an army, to many left overs you know.  So we had our Christmas and then he left the next day, but was such a great visit.  Grandchildren are the best you know.   I bet every grandparent will agree 100%.  We celebrated Christmas in Midland a few days early, Vickie and hubby didn't want us out in the bad weather and other daughter Dedria lives in Oklahoma and they got the snow .

Addison and Eldon making it a little safer with the snow and lots of ice underneath.                        Thanks Addison for the help.   

Addison with Jewel, she is our rescue dog.  When they moved she got to live with us.  Isn't she a cutie and so full of personality.   We couldn't do without her now. 

New Years eve came and we semi celebrated it with dear friends of 33 years.  We were going to celebrate Nova Scotia  time.  This would be 10:00 PM central time.  Eldon and I stayed up until 1 AM. so probably saw the new year in for several time zones.   It is here and we will see what it will bring.

Making resolutions is such a waste of time, who keeps them?  So we saved ourselves time and didn't make any.   I could make a list, being as I am a list maker, and then throw them away but didn't do that.   I guess cleaning and getting the office ready to tackle the new year would and could be a resolution being as that is what I am doing at the moment.  I could say lose weight but the same weight just hangs around like little butterflies floating around and waiting to pounce on a flower.   Sounds better that way doesn't it? 

Well, that is my thoughts on the Christmas, Jesus birthday, and the 2010 welcoming.  

This sweet little nativity scene, we have had this since 1967 and purchased from Sears and Roebuck.  Probably didn't give $12 for it.   Funny how we hang onto precious memories such as these

Thanks for dropping in.  Will write some more but don't want to wear your eyes out.

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  1. Addison is so handsome lovely to see his face after hearing so much about him lol and with sweet Jewel xx


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