Saturday, January 27, 2018

A Grey Day in January

Hello there, well as the title says it is a grey day in January.   Now it is Winter in our part of the world, I know Summer in other parts of the world, but the sun could shine and still be nippy outside.   We are getting a tiny bit of rain, always can use the wet stuff.   To me the grey days mean sacking in and watching a movie or six, cooking something yummy and just full of calories or taking a nap or something useful like that.   So I am fixin' to start another painting and then put some beads on a piece of CQ or something like that.   That should take care of my grey day in January.

We have had a different 2017 and now being 2018 not sure what we are doing, I know you kind of have a life plan but Hubby and I just go with the flow of doing whatever happens and deal with it..  Have you ever thought ok we are going to do this adventure, but then at the same time you and Hubby say the same thing and then you wonder if the adventure you are planning is the right thing? The timing is right? Just hold off til later, maybe? Is this what we are suppose to do right now?  I think this time we will listen to our Angles, yes gasp, we will listen to them.  We did ask them to lead us, I guess by the hand we are such hard heads and don't listen like we should.   We are both Taurus and that may explain why we are hard headed.  Well that just certainly sounded like ramblings but Grandson did say my blogs are like Bunny Trails and go all over the place.

CQ is still in my world and I think it and my painting is winning for the privileged of getting to stay in my jumbled up and everything has it's place, but looks like a unneat mess.  Well I know the ones that are artsy can certainly understand that sentence.   I figure if my art room is neat I am not creating a thing, so I had rather have it jumbled.   I will be getting rid of a lot of the unpainting and un CQ pretties. 

I did this CQ pouch forever ago and just purchased a NEW phone.   Yes our old one was at least 6 years old but so cute and little. It would not give all of the text messages we got from Grandkids so out it went.   That is important to a Grandparent.  So we keep it as our night light so we don't step on the furbabies at night when we have to get up.  The old phone has not gone to phone heaven.   The NEW phone is bigger and I found the pouch and lo and behold it fit and now the NEW phone has a cute little coat when it goes out.  The other pretty on the phone is my credit card holder and holds all my "old people" cards Eldon says I have to have with me.  The pouch has a little pocket on the back so it holds everything I need. 

A sweet little front of a bigger pouch, so love embellishing these and the more "stuff" I can get on them the better I like it. Not sure what the section above the faerie is, looks like two bunnies but  I don't have any bunny things.    I guess we can call it what we want.   Shapes, right?  Funny story, we were going to a nearby town to get the dogs food and I said you know that shape looks like a Kangaroo.  Well off at a distance it did,  it was a black plastic bag wrapped around a tree and I swear it had a tail and all the Kangaroo things.   Remember we were 4 lanes and part of a field and a very large media away and I am an artist and have sort of an imagination. Shapes.

This is one of my newer portraits, and I have named her Yellow Rose, one sweet lady has already purchased her and I cannot see what she creates with Yellow Rose.

I have been doing more portraits, almost like a mad woman, obsessed with them.  Learning the different techniques on Let's Face it 2018.  You do still have time to go sign up and would enjoy learning a lot of techniques and then when you like one just jump on it and play to your heart's content.    This month we are studying the Renaissance movement.   So learning a little, I don't think that will ruin my brain, and just enjoying it all .

I started doing these paintings and they were all girls, so I thought lets do a guy.  I looked and looked and found this one.  Well it was Joan of Arc so I thought she cannot look like a guy.  She was a strong woman but still a woman.  So I just took my artistic license and made her a girl.  I think she will approve.  

Now this young lady is not a Renaissance lady but she had a mind of her own and just appeared.  Now as you can tell I was going to add a flower but it turned into a white feather.  When white feathers appear Angels are around. A sign from beyond to offer hope and encouragement Spirituality,faith, protection, purification and hope. Looks like I am sending this to all who want to look at it.  I liked that  meaning.  

Another Renaissance lady, she was a modern day lady but then I just painted her in the Sepia/Umber tones.   I am loving doing these studies.

Now this lady is a Renaissance figure for sure, I did modernize her some.  I guess it is just in this Texas gal to make them look a little modern.  To me all the men and ladies of that time period all look alike in the paintings, but then it was in the 1400s to 1500s, I do have to remember that .

Alright last painting in this style, I cannot imagine all that hair, how hot it would be and the washing of it but they were use to it, whew she was fun to create.

                  These are my takes on the Renaissance period for right now. 

               Well thanks for coming to see what is going on in my world today.