Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Story of the Move

Hello readers,   well here is the little story of our move.   I know we are not the first person in the world who has moved.   Many of you have shared your move and your doings with that "fun" adventure.  I have loved every story and certainly know how you feel.

I think I have told you Hubby does have a wanderlust and I go along and just enjoy the adventure of it all.   We did joke though at a time in our lives we said  MOVE and our furniture just folded it's self up and was waiting at the door ready to be  put into a moving trailer.   Now when we moved back to Seminole to farm we pretty well had roots.  Deep roots and really enjoyed it with raising our daughters, farming and that is where I really got involved with my art and photography business.

Onward Annette you are wandering here !!!!!!    Alright about 8 1/2 years ago we moved to Lubbock Texas.  We found our home and could really make the yard pretty, which we did.  We planted 12 trees also.  Never to many trees in West Texas.  I knew we were in trouble though when probably not two weeks in the move and hubby was looking on line at homes around the country.  He was mainly looking in TEXAS and Arizona.   Well in November or December of 2016 he mentioned moving again.  I said alright I have one more big move in me.   ( It will have to be two moves but later on this )  We spiffed up the house, you know the drill just little things that you only notice but still want it to be nice for the buyers.  We listed the house and in our market the realtor said in your neighborhood it may take 9 months or a year to sell.   We thought alright we will be tough and endure the lookers and all that go on with it?   Well after one open house  and a couple of weeks of showing the house sold in 40 days.   Wow did we ever scramble and started doing away with things.  Good Will loved us we donated so much. We did sell a few things but donated most of it. 

Where will we go?  We didn't have a clue, no kidding.   One reason we moved to Lubbock is we just needed to move and I thought ok it is close to Arizona ( in Texas world ) and we thought we knew Lubbock so that is why we chose it.   We wanted to stay in Texas, it is a big state, but you know when you rule out where you don't want to move it isn't that big.  No really !!!!  We spent two weeks wandering Texas.  LOL  no not really wandering but in one week then a separate week .   We were running out of time before the closing and thought ok we will actually listen to our hearts and God telling us that the doors are not opening for a reason.  LISTEN !!!!!!

So our story is for the first 75 years of Eldon's life and mine not quite,  I got to Texas about when I was 9, Eldon and I  lived in West Texas--off and on but mainly on.   So why not live somewhere else for the next 25 years and by then we will be 100 or pretty close and by then it doesn't matter.   We have come to the Texas coast for many years we think at least since 1971 on spring breaks, vacations and then a month at a time.  So why not?   So we leased a home in Rockport Texas, gotta feel like we are on vacation for a year and see how we feel before we purchase a home.  Hence the second move.   We are trying to listen to our hearts on this and if the doors open then it is the place. They have a place here called Castaways, we have filled the back of the Steel Stallion every week and donated.  We had to rent a 15x20 controlled climate storage room and it is next to be donated.   We are sizing down and trying to be vicious with the junk lol  

We loaded up our two fur babies and by the way we have never traveled with fur babies and they did so good.   We put their doggie king size beds in the back of our Steel Stallion and the behaved like troopers and even stayed in the motels with us while moving down.  We could not have been prouder of them .  They are adapting to be inside dogs perfectly.  We thought they should be because of the humidity down here.  They go in and out in our postage size yard and are perfect.  

The house is tiny, really tiny but that is ok.  Like a friend, Marilyn Paragain, said it is only 4 walls.  Right now it looks like an art gallery, most walls have lots of Annette art and one has is a painting by my friend  Jane in Italy.  xoox

We are not far from the water,   Rockport has a Blue Water beach and it is so peaceful there.  Now when we use to come and visit  we would take the Ferry to Rockpost and visit and then back to Port Aransas, bigger waves and lots of business for young people.  Remember our daughters and their friends were usually with us.   They need busy places.    Several times a week we go to Sonic and get two bacon and cheese toasters extra toasted bread and go to the beach close by.   Oh we ask for extra toasty and told them that my Mother use to burn the toast and I guess I acquired a taste for really toasted bread lol    

Our view when eating our breakfast.  We park on the free part of the beach because you are so close to the water.   We have paid our permit to go into the other part of the beach but when parked you are not immediately close to the water.  Anyway that is our story and finding of it all.  

                                     One of many many Sea Gulls to visit while we are eating . 

I had just fed the Gulls with my crusts off of my toaster, gotta cut down on calories somewhere. Right? 

 Now this little cutie is in our front yard only visiting.   Our Fur Babies have not seen a squirrl, in our part of Lubbock we didn't have them.  Yes Lubbock has squirrels but just not in our part.  He love to taunt the Fur Babies and the stand at the storm door and bark and bark.  Well Libby whines and Charlie uses his outside voice.  We have tried to teach him that isn't necessary but he is a guy and hard headed.

  Our Patio deck.  Nope not very big, we did have an acre in Lubbock but you know it only takes very few minutes to mow instead of us both working over 3 hours once a week to do that chore.   We still did our own yardwork and really didn't mind it at all.  Yes when in Seminole after I started my photography business I did hire the mowing etc.  I wanted the yard mowed twice a week for it to be pretty and Eldon nor I had the time then to do it.   Funny story about the mowing person, he kept saying well I do so and so on and he named a name yard.  Every time he came.  I said I don't care this is our yard and that is how I want it to be pretty for my clients in my photography.  One day I just fired him.  Called Eldon and he said oh oh I have to go home she just fired the yard person.   We did find a wonderful young man and he was awesome.  So that was good I fired the other one.  We were mostly all happy.  Except the one I fired lol

Alright, that is our thinking and doings on the big move.  One of our neighbors said the people who lived in this house had a big U-Haul truck in the drive.  We said no no this will be a 53 foot trailer on an 18 wheeler.  Kind of surprised them, but it is done and now we are fixin to enjoy our move and back to normal whatever our normal is.  For a year then who know?

Thank you for stopping by to see what is going on in Annette's world today