Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Rain Drops, Faeries and Crayons

 Hello and hope all are doing great.   We have been so fortunate to have gotten rain, sadly some have gotten more than what is called safe.   Evey time it rains I think of when we were little kids and run outside with an umbrella and stomp around in the puddles. I loved doing that, did we ever think of lightening hitting us?   No way, it was just an fun thing to do.   I also think of the little song in Bambi with the drips and drops of rain when he was asleep in the woods.   It just makes you feel good about rain.  Bambi's rain song There are so many little songs about rain--"Rain Drops Falling on My Head " is another song I think of.    To hear this sweet song and bring back memories click here 

 Now when grown and farming we loved the rain also.  Well, except when it rained and rained in September when the crops  did not need water. The Cotton and Peanuts were getting ready to mature to be harvested.  No no no , not rain now.   The Cotton getting ready to pop the boles open and show off the pretty white fibers We would always say--it is good for next year.   Peanuts in the ground getting read to be turned up and dried out.  One time when our daughter was teaching I sent her a box with some dug up peanuts in it.  How the dirt as still on the peanut hulls with the goodies inside them, the leaves were dried out and really a pitiful looking inside of a package.   When she opened it the janitor said who would send a package like that?   " My Mother" she told him.  I do believe though the kids in the class liked it, seeing how peanuts really came and not from a tree but from Mother Natures good sandy soil. 

I have been busy painting, not Faeries, well some Faeries, but cabinets.   Will have to share that one next.  

This first Faerie I did have fun with it and added lots of color.  The subject was a lot younger than this little pixie turned out but some ways I like it.   She is in a tree just thinking about what mischief she can get into.   I always do their faces first, just to see what and where the painting will take me.  I used some water colors for the background using Caran D'Ache Neocolor II crayons.  They are such fun and look like a crayon but are water soluble.   When I finished her I thought she needed a butterfly and some birds just to add some more life to the painting.  I love the strong colors in this painting and the little castle in the background.

The crayons, not pretty anymore but they work great for what I am using them for.  I am not, I repeat, I am not a water colorist and just do what I do and run with it.  Just in case I have some purest out there.  They work great with one of the water pens while I am watching TV.  Yep that is my artist's loft in the evenings.  

This next Faerie I really tried to do soft colors, do you realize how hard this is for me?  It is very hard.   I can't remember but thinshe was a magazine lady.   You know the pretty ladies in the magazines?   I just sketch their sort of features and go from there.  Now this little pastel Faerie is showing off her new home in the tree.  I forgot to leave enough room on the left for her wings.  I mean she had beautiful hair, not the magazine lady but this little faerie.  I did mostly the watercolors for her just pale.   BUT no beige had to have some color .    She was going to be black headed but somehow evolved into this color.  They have a mind of their own.  No really, they do. 

Now a quick look of the other September block that is for CQJP 2016.   For some reason I did  2 for September but I guess September needed two?   I have got to get started on the book I am going to put these in.  Our Granddaughter will have a giant book when finished with this.  Most of the blocks will be what I created and 5 of the blocks will be embellished by some other ladies in a Round Robin I was in.  Can't wait to show it all to you.  

This block has some Brazilian roses  and some vintage Sari trim.  Talk about world wide little bunny.  I can't remember who gave me the red frog, I just thought he fit the story.  Hope red frogs aren't poisonous from the Amazon or anything like that.   Oh well the Queen of Hearts would cut his head off wouldn't she?   

Now here is the second block for September.  I did go outside the lines with the tree.  The ciggie was brown tones and I thought why not leave it that way?  It is a kookie  little story and it could happen. 


Well there you go for today and thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.  Besides mowing  some backyard grass that had gotten almost as tall as a giraffe's knees because of the rain.  It is now just hoof tall.