Sunday, July 26, 2015

Our Giant Blackberry Crop of 2015

July is just perking along here.  It is finally getting hot, that is just good for the bones.   I am not saying the humidity is good for you though.  Oh I guess it is good so your skin won't look like leather but you know I think I will just keep leather skin over humidity.    Ladies are not ment to "glisten" I have always thought this and will stick to my story.   When you go in a restaurant it feels good to go outside and get warmed up.  When we go in the restaurant we think oh this feels so good and cool but then outside warmth.  We can never be happy can we? 
Now they are already sending out in the newspapers about back to school is coming.   Nooooooo, let us enjoy the warmth and casualness of Summer.    It was always my favorite time when the kids were at home and we stayed up late nights and watched horror movies together.  Yes we all went to sleep but that is part of the fun.  Eating popcorn with it all also.  I probably was the only Mother in the world to hate it when school started with all the schedules and rig a marole  that goes with school starting.  the hustle and bustle to the games be it Volleyball, football, basketball or whatever sport going on.  The band concerts just all that goes with school. 
Now Summer  also ment vacations or staycations as they call them today and fruit and vegetables growing and just everything getting and being pretty.   Lush greenery, well in our parts of the world you really have to water it for this little thing to happen, but we did water.   Our cotton and peanut crops did get the bulk of the water. Growing from a tiny seed to a big lush and green plant.  Yes in the Fall the leaves turned reddish and the cotton white but something about the lush green plant.    Going out to check the water----aka getting the in the pickup with hubby and going to the farms to see if the circle systems are doing what they are suppose to do.  WATER!!!!   I would a lot of times go with hubby to do that in the evenings.  A just relaxing time to me and of course we did what I call "car talk" solving the problems of the world and just what was going on for that day.  The early morning water checks?  Those Hubby got to enjoy all by himself.  Well unless it was a slow time and he went on a fishing trip and I did do that also.   Didn't mind at all. Well must confess I am not a morning person, early morning anyway.   
Last year I bought a blackberry plant.  How fun to get some fresh blackberries and not pay an arm and a leg for some. Now you are fixin to see the crop of the year.    We got 3, yes 3 of them.  So I ran out and took their picture.  See?  We did get three.  Well the next day the bright red one, not ripe yet, was gone.  Now what happened to it?  Well this year we have had some Bluejays.  I suspect they are the culprit that enjoyed the berrie and later the other two berries.   But they were home grown and pretty.  I guess they didn't care if they was not ripe yet.  
I have been busy, you figured that didn't you?  Not sure with what but Summer busy I guess.  Well a Texas Ranger game nearly every night which means good stitching time for me and reading for Hubby.
I am in a Round robin, where other stitchers create a set of blocks and then mailed to others and we embelish it to our taste and it goes to the next stitching lady.  
Here is a close up of one of the blocks I did and of course had to add a little frog.  Ribbit!!!

Another close up of the center of the block, now I have to confess I did do more stitching to the hat and parts of the man's attire.  Had to make him as spiffy as the lady.    

The whole finished block.  Ready to be shipped off to the next lady to embellish another block of similar colors.  Hope you like it, the maker of the block did.    

This one isn't one of my ciggie/silkies/pictures in the middle of the piece but I have been blessed.  I has some ciggies on Etsy and sold some but a few ladies on a Facebook site wanted me to sell some there.  Well wham bam-I sold several fast.  That was a little treat and surprise.

Well that is it for this go around and thanks for dropping by and seeing what is going on in my world and all my little bunny trails.


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  1. Sorry about your berries-those pesky birds!! Beautiful blocks as always and I love reading your reminiscenes of summer!


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