Thursday, March 19, 2015

Spring and Chalotte's Web

SPRING!!!!! Oh my it is here and full of promises of green grass, that we have to mow but don't ever complain about it.    We will have flowers and the birds and butterflies will flit around and makes the yard look like there is life and beauty in it again.  The Doves have been going from tree to tree and I know probably making nests.  Yes will have more wind and sand storms but the sand storms are not forever and the wind just keeps it cooler in the summer.  You know the heat, ours is dry, doesn't bother me as long as we have water to drink.   When I use to hoe or chop weeds in cotton fields years ago it didn't bother me.  We started early like soon as it got light and hoed the cotton and as it got hot I guess we just got use to it.   A friend and I would hoe for 50 cents an hour and glad to get it and that is what I bought my school clothes with.  A fair trade for me.  So dry heat you just come on and warm up the ground for the farmers.   I remember one time grandson called us and said Nana this gym is not air conditioned, he was playing summer basket ball and it was hot as blue blazes.  He said you don't have to come and watch if you don't want to.  Well I told Mr. Grandson if you can play in the heat I can sit and watch you play in the heat.   Now I don't like to glissen ( ladies don't sweat) but I did to watch him play ball. 
 I guess the only thing I don't like about spring is the spiders,  they seem to think they need to come out also.   Last year we found a couple of Black Widows.   I really didn't realize how big they are but hubby says he had seen a lot of them when growing up at the farm so he said just watch where you put your hands.   Now guess where the nasty hubby killing things live or one of then anyway?  In the Faerie garden.   I guess it looked pretty inviting and mother Black Widow thought oh what a great place for my thousands of babies to live.   Luckily  the wind blows most of them away.   Yea wind!!!!   Now wasn't that nice of me to make such an inviting place for them?  Little bikes, paths and toadstools.  I am so accommodating.   Well guess what?  I am declaring war on them.   Drum roll please.   Yep I know the spiders are to be here for like scorpion food and whatever else they feed with their little bodies but be gone and go to the alley or someplace I don't play please.  So I guess I will redo my Faerie garden in a few days after the winter havoc of snow and wind has played on it.   BUT with gloves and long sleeved shirt buttoned to the hilt or at least at the wrists. 
I remember seeing Charlotte's Web with our daughters years ago and I cried, yes a grown lady crying at a cartoon spider.  Charlotte was so sweet with Debbie Reynolds voice but I have to face it spiders are not that sweet.   Did love the movie though.  It almost ranks up there with Alien vs Predator in my book.  A wide range there of movies isn't it? 
I have been working on some Crazy Quilting Round Robins.   I am enjoying it and adding my touch to other ladies blocks,  but this particular site has a lot of rules, maybe to many for this old grey mare.   A round robin on  Crazy Quilt Divas is fixin to start and it is always fun.  I am such a pro now.  One under my belt and two in the working and now a new one.  My theme will be Alice in Wonderland.  I will be anxious to see how the other  ladies/artist embellish them.
Here is one of the RR block I have embellished.  This is a 12 block and each lady embellishes part of it.  The yellow in the upper left and the pink faerie part is what I added to the block  
Now of course I have to do my "messy" art also.  This is what I call my mixed media art and love messy fingers with paint and glue.     This is one I did with Jane Davenport in Lifebook 2015.   My inner self.   So I chose flowers and butterflies.  I did draw the girlie in this and drew her little face.   It  was fun and now to do more and play.  

So there you go and thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world or down my bunny trails. 


  1. pretty,,,I don't like the spiders either

    1. I know Kathleen they are creepy little things and sure enough if one is around I get a bite from them. Every time lol

  2. Hoeing cotton...yuck! Fab art here!


  3. Oh your Jane Davenport girl is pretty!! Spiders in your fairy garden!! of all the nerve!! Scary!! Do the doves cooing in the spring drive you crazy? When we first moved to Kerrville the sound of doves cooing in the spring was almost deafening. But we finally got used to it and didn't hear them so much later.Happy spring!! --oh I love the Alice in wonderfland theme!!

  4. Oh Annette, I love spiders. Of course, we don't have any native poisonous spiders in the Uk. We have an enormous one (called Fred) who has made his home in our living room.He lives behind a mask of Dionysus that we have on the wall, and we don't see much of him, but there's great excitement when we do It's like a visit from royalty. He's no trouble and really helps keep down the fly population in summer. By the way my house faeries use him for transport around the house. It gives their poor little wings a rest. Our garden is looking pretty good at the moment. We planted more than 600 spring bulbs (well, I planted about 20, then had to have a lie down, and DH did the rest) They are really growing fast now, ( although they are not yet in bloom!) I'll send you a pic when they are. We've got 750 plug plants on order and they should arrive any time soon (so more work for DH...even though he's got pleurisy...left over from the really bad flu we both had for 6 weeks) Two good things though. I lost a lot of weight, and DH gave up smoking (cue drumrolls and fireworks.) At the moment I'm dealing with skin cancer, but the treatment seems to be working. Today I have several hours free to do some embroidery (the first time for ages) so I'm really pleased about that. Take care of yourself. Blessings

  5. I love reading your bunny trails!! heehee I laughed out loud when I saw the mention of your all time fav movie in there- AvP heehee- you are too cute Miss Annette!!
    Yes, cover up and clear out those nasties- ick I get goosebumps up my arms thinking about them! ick!
    I also liked reading about your hoeing cotton days-my woman, you are so well rounded, seems like you have done a bit of everything in your short-life! I look forward to more of your adventures- huge hugs my friend! xoxo

  6. ps... I love your quilt block and your messy piece is GORGEOUS!! xoxo

  7. I have posted, but it hasn't shown up. We were supposed to have a solar eclipse this morning, but we didn't lose much light although the temp dropped quite a bit. Blessings

  8. Annette! Your CQ's are beautiful and enchanting. TFS!
    Re: the black widows, they do a good service, IE they eat other creepy crawlies. But if you want to get rid of them, bring in a frog or lizzard. When we had a frog living on our front porch, we had the fewest black widows ever. I'd rather be startled by a frog jumping out of my plants than come across a black widow! Oh, and night time is best for a black widow hunt. The come out at night and are exposed for spraying them with spider spray. Go get 'em!

  9. Black widows and scorpions doesn't sound very nice, you watch out for those hands indeed ! Your works are exquisite , love, love the last lady with hair made from flowers and butterflies ! xoxo


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