Saturday, February 14, 2015

A New Life for a CD and Link to Kathy's classes

Hello and you know there is always something we can do with old things or things we just don't use anymore.   Now use to in the OLDEN days it was "making do" but NOWDAYS it is "recycling"  so whatever we will call this wonderful project here it is.

CD's, now I know we all have some of them laying around just being flat as a flitter, saying ok what is my next job?  I have held music, photos and what have you for a long time.  So what is next?

This is what I did with two of mine.  Now this is not my idea, wish I would have thought of it but can follow directions fairly well.   

They say, whoever they is, pictures tell a story so here was my story about my pin cushion.   I stuffed it with something.  Now the reason I say that is I went into the closet and there was a white trash bag full of fluffiness.   I guess I had "gutted" some pillows to use the fabric for CQing but there was all the fluffiness and so I now have a big bag full so will have to make more pin cushions. Eazy peazy and fun to do.  Only thing this being my first one I got the pretties a little to close to the edge so a lesson learned.
So you may be asking how? How? HOW?   Well my dears here is the link, wonderful instructions and a sweetheart of a lady to share with we " how did they do that  ladies".     Thank you Ivory Blush Roses. 
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my CQ world.  I hope you try this fun project.   I will never look at a CD the same way as I use to.   Hummmm a project waiting to happen.  
The link to Kathy Shaw's free classes.  Well worth the time.