Sunday, August 3, 2014

Happy Accident Project Finished

Here we go and welcome August.  It has been so cool for summer here, really cool.   Kind of scarey.  Our weatherman Ron Roberts even said he wouldn't be surprised if we got the S word in October.  We will see.   I mean I am not complaining but we don't mind the 100 plus days, I am not joking.  Well if we worked outside during the heat of the day we might but we try to get our doings one in the morning and then inside projects in the afternoon.

Now being Relaxed Retired should mean more relaxing and less projects, not sure where we messed up here.   I keep saying well next year we won't have many projects.   This would be true I guess if Miz Busy Person here wouldn't think of any projects or Mr. getting to be an engineer type person thinks of some also.  So right now Libby, our furbaby is the only one taking the Relaxed Retired to heart

Miss Libby and her Relaxing and sleeping.  Now the only time she gets out of her"Dog House" is when the rest of her human pack comes out.  She gets bored very easily because we are not giving treats or petting constantly.   She does enjoy the coolness of the rocks we put in the flower bed.   I am thinking next year we are going to do the same rock treatment to the giant cut out in the front.  It houses 3 large oak trees, lots of feather grass and 5 or 7, can't remember red blooming yuccas.    That will be a next spring project I think, here we go already planning new projects for next year.   Yikes Annette and Eldon you are Relaxed Retired.  

Now as I promised some pics of an accidental project.   The lawn /patio chairs we finished and working on the patio led to this project.    Hubby had set up his saw horses, yes horses in Texas : ), and put some boards on them so the painting would be easier and not so hard on the back.   Ouch.  
He had been experimenting with some old cedar fencing and came up with some shutters.   Well after using spray paint on them he said look at this.  Master pieces of art in my mind.   So he took some cross boards off of the one and I said this is perfect.  Could you make another one and I could paint on it and we could hang on the back windows of the patio? 
Off Hubby went and made another shutter and we were delighted at what we had created.   Now mind you these are not for the faint of heart or for beigh loving dears.   We would not put these on the front of the house, I think the HOA here would tar and feather us and run us out of the neighborhood.  This is for our enjoyment and our back patio.   Only Libby and us will ever see it.    Talk about a pop of color to go along with the rest of our patio.   Yahoooooo. 
Hubby and co-worker of our doings and projects.  

Here they are.  We love them I said you know some flowers would be pretty underneath them.   He said how about a flower box?   Hummmm maybe another project?   Not sure.   We could not have planned these any better if we tried.  You can see where we had arms and legs  ( of chairs) scattered around   Like I said not for the faint of heart but we love them and they give lots of personality to our patio.     Oh did you notice the cushion on the left?  I thought why not spray paint the cushions.  They are still good and let's just change the color?  Tada,  presto changeo.    
Grandson was here a few weeks back and he said it is beginning to look like Nana now.  Best compliment ever.    Thanks Grandson.

Just a little reminder of what the patio looks like.   We are thinking about what to put on the concrete now.  Dang that is another project isn't it?  See what I mean?   It is never ending.  Guess that is what keeps us young. 

Well thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in our world today.