Friday, June 27, 2014

Faeries Everywhere !!!

Do you have a spot in your garden/yard that you just can't do anything with?   You know the spot, maybe to sunny or to shady and you are thinking what in the Sam Hill am I going to do with this?   When we moved into our home over 5 1/2 years ago now there was this sort of flowerbed.  It had some shrub and geraniums in it.   I thought how pretty, well it had all been just planted for the show and to sell.   You know the tricks of the trade I guess.   The plants including the shrub died and I have tried several things in it.   So shade loving plants have sort of lived.  You know the sort of trick that plants play on you don't you?  They look great and then half of it dies and you don't have the heart to dig it up and throw it away.  I had planted some Holly Fern wonderful stuff when we lived 80 miles or so south of here.  Always was green in the winter and just did it's own thing.   Not so here but it does sort of come back every year.

I did keep fiddling with the plants that lived and then this year the light bulb in my head turned on.   Ok Annette, the piddle queen of the world lets really put the thinking cap on and see what you can do.

We were at Wally World and there was this little box saying here I am Annette pick me up.   I did pick it up  and proudly brought it home and it was colder than a booger bear but it sat in my art room's bathroom  mining it's own business until it finally warmed up.  

I positioned what was in the box and thought ok but you still look a little bare so went to JoAnn's and to Michaels and they had things there that fit the ticket.  Now I have played and rearranged and think I still need more in the area but here is what I have done so far. 

I had this young lady for years and she is faded but she fits the ticket I do believe.   The mother of faeries.

Can you guess what is coming next ?   Yes I made a Faerie village of sorts.  A work in progress but of course that means a little more shopping.   I think some more tiny little red mushrooms around would add some color.

The Faeries had to have a recreational area so they don't go bananas tending to their little world.   We found this little bird house at Garden Ridge and thought tada for the Faerie village.    

There you have it a tour of my new village.   It is a flower bed of brick and about waist high so perfect to peek in and see what is going on.   Some of the Holly Fern which is suppose to stay green in the winter covers it all and I had to hold the leaves back to photo this.   So it is hidden from the green and blue dragons that go down our alley once a week.  They are disguised as trash trucks.   I hope you enjoy seeing the progress of it all.

Now I have been busy also with some Crazy Quilting of some little pouches using----you guessed it Faeries.  They are surprise gifts and they wanted to be included with the yard faeries. 

One of my first little gals I did several years ago.  She is going to her new owner in a month or so.  

One more Faerie her name is Sparkle and will be going to her new owner soon.
There you go and thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.