Friday, March 21, 2014

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks?

Wow am I behind here friends.  Well I don't like excuses but we have been under the weather AGAIN!!!!  Funny sometimes when you get the "crud" as I call it and it lingers and you get over it--surprise it comes to visit you again.   Guess it liked it here and just didn't want to die.  So sort of back in the saddle again.  Nope not a real saddle we don't have a horse.  Well the steel stallion we drive. 

Now I haven't been a bum totally while under the weather.  I have been "trapped" in my art room.  A good trap but my little sanctuary.  Hubby knows when I don't feel 100% not to really talk to me.  I just want to be breathing and arting and the crud will go away.  Do any of you feel that way when you get sickish?  He says I am a good sick person though, just leave me alone !!!!!

Now get a cup of coffee, hot tea or good and yummy Iced tea because this is a long post.  No kidding.  Might even need a sleeping bag or take a break, go run around the house, go get the clothes out of the washer into the dryer.  

Life Book  2014  has been keeping me busy.  They have a new exercise each week and you can do it if you want and I wanted so here is some that I have done.    This is the third year I have taken it.  Last year shouldn't count though I think I only did like 6 or 8 exercises, we had a lot going on.   I wasn't going to do it this year but wow am I ever glad I did.  I just keep learning things, so the saying of teaching an old dog new tricks is true.   I am a living testament of it.  Bow Wow. 

This was a class by Anna Dabrowska,  what a talented young lady.  She made it on canvas but I used 140 lb. watercolor paper.  That stuff is tough and with enough gesso and stuff on the paper it holds up well.   This was up my alley,  lots of pretties and goodies to our hearts content.  I do have to mention Anna is an awesome teacher.  I know lots of artists that teach but don't really share their secrets.  This little gal told it all.   Now I have the first one under my belt I am anxious to start another one.

This little girl, Tammy taught it.  It was fun to stray away to just do a whimsy little person.  she does them so well and love hearing her visit while she demos what she does.  I forgot why we did, possibly to have a tree hug or encircle us,  it but in 100 years it won't matter will it?  I did collage some tissue for her dress that came in some shoes I purchased.  Don't throw a thing away do  I?   I don't hoard I just recycle or repurpose things. 

I forgot now what this one was for and it wasn't a thing like it was suppose to be but I enjoyed it and kept me out of Hubby's hair.  It is the Basketball playoffs you know.

One more exercise, instead of a whimsy gal I just did a sketch I had drawn and for some reasons the redheads are coming to visit me and the horses.  They were some knapkins I had and I dissected them down to one thin layer and they work like a charm with the collage. 
Now I am not finished, I have a lot of catching up to do my friends.  In the Spring we have a few sand storms and wind.  We know when the weather gets warm that is what comes with it.  I feel for our Northeast friends and all that snow they are getting.   Mother nature has indeed cleared her throat this year. 
This was taken from the air, of course, on one of the sand storms coming to visit us. 

A close up of the sand.   Now I can remember in the 50's and the early 60's we would have some hum dingers like this.   Sand gets everywhere and I mean everywhere but it has been dry here and I hope this was the one and only one like this.   Usually just the sand is in the air and you just live with it.  That is just the way it is not from neglect of the land.   A strong strong front came in , it chilled and gave the East havoc with snow and blizzards
AGAIN.  I say it is population control for our part of the world.  I do have to add a PS to this paragraph.  Farmers are the stewards of the land, they take pride in taking care of the land and love their land.     The reason it is like this right now is we have had a terrible drought a terrible one like in the 30's.   I am saying NO rain.  They put the hopes and dreams on the line just as farmers do today.   You have not idea how loose the dirt is and it is the future for us all.   This is where the food comes from.   I know of not one farmer anywhere that neglects or abuses their land.    
The mermaid did make it to Hawaii.  Our warrior granddaughter as I refer to her.  She is brave and I don't know if I could have sold my car and moved that far away to Hawaii by herself.   She has met some great and good people and I think that says something of the Islands.    Sometimes I feel you have a calling and you should do it while you can. We encouraged her and said do it and enjoy yourself. 
She wanted the mermaid so I redid a matt I had and painted on it and framed it and off it went.  Of course had to make some Amish friendship bread to send also. That stuff is so good and weighs a ton. She and brother love it and of course we do also.  I like to give it away and people don't seem to mind it at all.  I included enough of course for her and her co-workers. 

I know she will say NANA!!!!! because of the pic but I love it shows her giant personality. 

Now here she is doing Tandem surfing.  I didn't even know there was such a thing, but hey I am land locked as she was.  Auggie, an artist  beside being a surfer taught her this fun sport.  He has a beautiful wife and family and from what I can tell loving Hawaii to the most a person can.  
So there you go, I hope you haven't gone snow blind or sand blind or anything or gotten eye cramps from all of this.  Just had to catch you up and give you hugs.
Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today, well the last few days.  


  1. oh I have missed your chatty posts! They are always so much fun to read. Is Anna (from Lifebook) the same as Finnabar? I like this piece and also that little girl on the swing-isn't she cute. Well all of your pieces are just great and I love the photo of your grandaughter and that sand storm-awful!

    1. Hi dear Janet, yes she is the same as Finnabar. Isn't she talented? I am fixin to try another one this weekend. Basketball tourney all weekend so I will be "trapped " in my art room again. Not really but just call it that. Oh you really get use to the sandstorms, we don't like them but that is West Texas. We just don't wear wigs when we go out LOL Will try to be a good girl, I knew I hadn't posted but kept thinking I will feel better. Hugs and hugs my friend.

  2. Wow! You have been busy! Love all of the projects, but esp. the first one, the mixed media piece. Sorry about the scary winds! Now you know what it was like when our ancestors, early settlers, over worked the land and the mid-west became a dust bowl.
    Keep up the beautiful work! TFS!

    1. thanks Michelle, they keep me busy and off the streets. lol Oh the winds aren't really scarey, guess because I have been around them the majority of my life. Just West Texas. Yes the Dust bowl what in the 30's were awful. Oh the land isn't overworked it is just no rain as in the 30's. We haven't had a decent amount of rain in FOREVER. I am not kidding.
      Glad you like the work just playing and doing. Glad you got to buy a house BTW .xoxo

  3. Another interesting post Annette. That sandstorm looks like something out of Arabian desert, I can't even imagine such a thing. You Texans are a tough bunch. :)

    Hope you're now feeling well and the gentle spring weather comes soon.

  4. Al wonderful projects--the first one is stunning with so many things to admire and inspire

    Love Chrissie x

  5. just let me say...Bow wow WOW!
    what a funny post- are you out of breath?!!! Thanks sweetie for catching us up- your art is Delishous( my own spelling here!) and you never cease to Amaze me! Watch out for tumbleweeds and duststorms and keep on creating- cuz we love it! xoxo

  6. Keep up the productive good work. Hope you are feeling better.
    No snow in Texas, but lots on the ground here in NH.

  7. Nice to see you posting again dear Annette, hope you are both really well again. You have a lot of beautiful creations here don't know where to start, but I just love it all ! And just to keep on learning is maybe what it is all about , don't you think so ? Wow, that is kind of a sand storm , actually looks quite scary , good you only have one a year !! Send you lots of hugs . xoxoxo

    1. Hi dear Jane, so good to see you. Yes I think we should learn new things continually. The Sand storms, well hate to break it to you but we have sand storms until oh I can safely say May? Usually they are not this bad but we have them until we are sick of them and then they seem to quit. It will be interesting this year though because it is so dry. Hugs and will take your hugs. xoxo

  8. Since that sand blew in I've been fighting the crud too! Yuck. Gorgeous art here! Love the beautiful face and hair.

    1. Oh get better it just lingers doesn't it?


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