Thursday, February 20, 2014

Making my Nest Organized

I have been making my nest a little more organized so to speak.   Shuffling and rearranging and labels and whatever else we do when we do this little adventure.  Then usually play hid and seek of where we put things. 

I am lucky enough to have a bedroom that is my art room.  One time grandaughter came in it and said  "Nana, why did you choose the smallest room in the house for your art room? "  Well it is actually the same size as the other two bedrooms on this side of the house.  Just has lots going on in it.  LOTS.

I use to work in a tiny area in our utility room, just a little dab of room. But you know I have always figured out that the more room you have the more mess you make and you just have to clean up more.  Like a kitchen.  I have had giant kitchens and small kitchens.  Ours right now is small but I cook the same food out of it that I use to cook in giant kitchens.  When we moved into this home 5 years ago, can't beleive it has been that long.  Anyway when we moved in here I thought where is everything going to go?  Well it all found it's home and just sits there for when I use it.

                                               THE BEADS

I first started with my beads.  On a blog and goodness knows I can't remember whose but thank you talented lady for sharing the container idea with us.   She had used the containers from JoAnn's.  So I got online and they were on sale and in different configurations.   Of course you need to order twice as many as you think then you won't have to reorder again like I did.  

I was storing them in little plastic bags in a pretty box.  Well let me tell you I needed a hoist or fork lift to lift the box.   But now here they are all sorted in their little homes and I can unscrew which one I need and love it all.   Hubby put the shelves up for me and I can just pick and chose as I need them.  No hide and seek here, they are just sitting pretty and waiting to go on some fabric and be a CQ piece.  I have sequins and some fancy buttons and all kinds of goodies that a CQer needs in her work.


You will see  the pretty box that held the beads.  It now holds pretties I sell on etsy so it will keep safe and no dust.  We do have massive dust here in West Texas.   I have a basket that hold purse handles and my jars hold my silk ribbon.  Grandson gave me the jars.  I rewound the silk ribbon on little wooden spools  ( thread use to be on real wood and I never throw sewing stuff away )I had from forever ago and sorted in colors.  I printed labels and I am in hog heaven.  

Next set of shelves are more labeled tubs,  aka shoe boxes,  and some bigger fancy laces to pretty to hid on some wooden bobbins I had from a million years ago.   The little flowered box I covered and now stores my ciggies in them.  Well the ciggies I drew and painted.  

More tubs and I had to give the friendly critters a tub of their own.    The computer was my friend in the labels, it is not always friendly.   I think sometimes it just wants to show me that this machine is smarter than I am.  It is but I don't want it to get the big heaf and it is a time stealer if you let it.  That is one reason why I retired from professional photography.  I didn't want to be tied to the computer and it was getting that way with digital photography.  I loved film.  You composed and exposed it correctly and printed and you were good to go.  Of course you can do tricky things with digi .  

Some of my faeries and journal and just doings that share the art room.  These pretties share the wall with my CQ work and I didn't want to hurt their feelings and not say something about them.   I try to keep my wet messy art separated from my CQ work. Paint does have a tendency to splash and splish around.  My clothes attest to that.  I do have an apron but usually wait til my clothes get paint on them before I put it on.  You know the drill.   The art here is resting on a box I made years and years ago, the 70's, to hold my pastels. 

                                            Here it is all together.

There you go my doings for the time being.  I am working on a mermaid block right now.  Not elegant how I wanted but whimsical, I guess to match the drawing I did and printed.  I mean blue glitter and all.  You know how I like my bling.  

Thanks for stopping by and seeing what is going on in my world today.