Thursday, July 22, 2010

A young little heart breaker


I wanted to share this painting of a photograph I did a few years ago.  Don't you know this little boy with that beautiful hair will certainly be a little heart breaker?   I did this photograph in the wrong time of the day according to the rules.   I loved it and the light so aren't rules made to be broken?   I think so.  It is highly recommended to do early in the morning or just before sundown.  This was basically high noon, before this little guys lunch and nap time.   You never know what kind of mood they will wakeup in.   A sweet little person or one that should have slept a little longer.  

I really liked the way the sun was making his hair shine and the way the grass just seemed to glow  around him.  The rim light ( the light hitting his little arms and legs) just made him pop.    I used a little fill flash for some highlights in his eyes and no raccoon eyes either.  You know the little black holes around the eyes if you  don't have some kind of light.  AKA   flash or reflector.  ( Now if you don't have either one, a easy way to make a reflector is foil on some cardboard., that makes a perfect light popper  )   I used textured brushes and smooth pastel brushes for this painting.   I wanted it to look like a painting but still have some photographic quality to it also.  

I posted on my face book but wanted to talk a little about it.   I know this was basically dead center but felt like the image itself was strong enough to handle it.   The beautiful hair and the greens are opposites and I think it worked.   I used some of the hair color in the background to make it all blend. 

Just wanted to share my thinking process on this photo/painting.     

Thanks for looking and seeing what is going on in my world today. 


  1. this is just delightful love the colours and the sort of dusty dreamy effect u have achieved and the light across his hair , stunning...

    hugz bev

  2. Thanks Bev, you are the best for always leaving a comment. You know how we love these. His skin was beautiful also.


  3. I love this Annette. I'm sure the parents did too.

  4. Annette this is beautiful! And I definitely agree that rules are made to be broken, this painting is proof of that!


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