Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Attention World---Eldon likes it!!!!!

Today I took a break from painting.  I did a little fall clean up in the front flower beds.  I don't want to rush into it and do all of it before spring comes.  Just a little to tease the neighborhood.   I thought , Annette you need to cook.   I do talk to myself, they say it is ok unless you answer yourself.  Sometimes I do.   So, we had gone to the store yesterday and bought some things for a new dish.  I have everything, right?   Not.   Oh well, I don't ever make a recipe exactly right anyway.   

Today's dish was from the Food  Networks Rachel Ray.  Now she does 30 minute meals, but it took me an hour which is pretty good I thought.   It was Well Dressed Salmon.  Now I was treading lightly anyway, dear hubby of 48 years does not like salmon and not to keen on new dishes.  I was feeling like an adventure so why not?   It was really very easy to make and had a wonderful sauce to put over it with some vegetables you chopped and put with it.   Course I forgot the fresh dill and the seafood seasoning.   I had Cajun seasoning and used it instead and the dill?  Sorry next time little dill.  I also made the Crispy Mashed Potato Cakes and they were easy and good.   So two new things?   My ice was thin here.   Mr. Graves ate is and said  it is good, very good.  He liked the sauce and even the salmon.   It was a winner for sure.   I guess I will make this one again----Thank you Rachel Ray.   

My history of new dishes, unless sweets, is not 100%.   When all the girls lived at home, new dishes were always presented to them.   Sometimes they ate them with grace, sometimes just looked at each other-gagged and went to Dairy Queen or PBJ is always a life saver.    Now Mr. Eldon would chime in with them and help make it more "fun" about the food.  We had this sweet dog, he was German Shepard/Border Collie.  He went to meet us at the Rainbow Bridge years and years ago.    Now today Smokey would be over 35 years old, human years not dog years.  They said he would be alive today if he hadn't eaten my new dishes.    Mr. Eldon does say he has to sacrifice and eat the new dishes now, we have two new dogs and wants them to live a long and healthy life.

This is my latest cooking adventure.  I feel like it was a huge success.   It is getting close to making candy and goodies that aren't good for you but wonderful to cook and eat and give away.   

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  1. I love salmon and was going to say i will have Eldons serve but darn he liked it lol xxx


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